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    Your Dream ride Then and Now

    I have thought about this thread for some time now and wanted to know what peoples dream ride used to be and what it is now. I am talking about that bike you always lusted after when you first got into the sport or one that always longed for. Mine was a late 90's Cannondale hard tail in red, with that sweet Headshock.
    Now this...
    Black Sheep 36er, I just love those tubes.
    And this...
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    Back in the day I bought my dream ride, intense tracer with sid, reasonably light wheels, king, fox shock, etc.. Great bike, worth every penny.

    My current dream bike is my SC 5010, although with carbon wheels. Seriously, life is too short to not be riding your dream bike if you can at all afford it.

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    Way back in the day I was more into BMX. I had a Mongoose Hoop-D but wanted a GT. I never got any good though.

    Then I tried some light duty mountain biking and was OK with my Mongoose mountain bike. A few months of getting better and riding harder trashed it. I was off the bike for a few years after that.

    Trying to get back into the sport necessitated a bike that wouldn't be trashed after a month, a '14 Hardrock. It was fine, and I improved my skills on it, but wanted something lighter and faster, more technical riding oriented, and of course with shocks.

    Thanks to you guys, I learned a lot about what to look for. By the time the savings jar was *full, there was a Mach 6 for sale. That's a dream bike.

    There should still be more bikes in the quiver: a singlespeed, a 650+/29+, an Evil Uprising, a road bike, a low-rider bike, etc. Variety is the spice of life, which makes one wonder why the damn wheel size debate is an issue. The Penny-Farthing bike above is sweet as well. I'd pimp the hell out of that thing with its 55" wheel.

    Anyway, after getting the M6, there's no other particular bike in my dreams. The best riding is on the dirt and rocks...and occasional wood, and the bike I got does it wonderfully for me.
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    Schwinn Spitfire way back. Then a Klein Team Race. My first true dream MTB was a Turner XL. Truly loved that bike, it handled everything. Today: M429c but got another one cookin...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirt farmer View Post
    I tried to do a search for this before I started it..I guess I have the now component..oh well.
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