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Thread: Why is it that?

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    Why is it that?

    Why is it that even though i have a nice, somewhat sophisticated (compared to the old bike, that is) new(ish) Aluminum frame Trek 4500 MTB, i spend more time on my clunky old rigid steel frame Fila Taos?

    the Trek has;
    Aluminum frame
    suspension front fork
    gel seat
    computer/speedometer thingy
    front and rear fenders
    24 speed Shimano Alivio components (yes i know they're crap, but bear with me... )
    Serfas Vermin Semi-knobbies

    the Fila has
    Steel frame
    rigid steel front fork
    gel seat (stock seats on entry-level bikes suck)
    21 speed Suntour XCE components
    WTB Slickasaurus slicks

    on paper, the Trek is the better bike, it's newer, the shifter components shift when i tell them to and dont hesitate or chatter/clunk but for some reason, i've been spending more time on the Fila, even though the Suntour components suck, the shifter is gummy and the deraileurs have a slight chatter under hard pedaling (the LBS says a lube job and cable swap should fix them, they've already adjusted them as well as possible with the stock cable

    strange, you'd figure i'd spend my time riding the "better" bike, but i'm having too much fun bombing around on the ol' horse....

    i originally was going to leave the Fila at work so i could use it at lunch and after work and not worry if it gets stolen, or have to truck around the Trek on my roof rack or in the trunk, but now i don't want to leave the Fila there either, and i've been trucking *IT* around in the trunk of my car....

    it'll be safe at work, as we have a very sensitive motion-sensing alarm system, and the metal door is secured with a deadbolt and regular lock....

    so, why am i spending more of my time on an "inferior" bike....


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    Silly. It's not about the bike.
    "We sat outside the dentist, tooting a horn on the guy's bike."-overheard in the Underground

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    goes to solidify the old saying---if it ain't broke dont fix it---or if you're current steed is doing the job-why switch!

    save the $$ for more trips-or whatever.

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    I have a few bikes

    Trek Fuel 90
    Trek 7000
    Cannondale M500 converted to SS

    Which one is getting the most miles?

    The OLD Cannondale fully rigid bike! Why? I can't say for sure, but for most of the riding that I am doing right now, the other bikes seem to be a bit um.....much.

    Maybe the Trek is just more bike than what you need for most of your rides.
    "There are those who would say there's something pathological about the need to ride, and they're probably on to something. I'd wager though that most of the society-approved compulsions leave deeper scars in the psyche than a need to go and ride a bicycle on a mountain." Cam McRea

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacTech
    Why is it that even though i have a nice, somewhat sophisticated (compared to the old bike, that is) new(ish) Aluminum frame Trek 4500 MTB, i spend more time on my clunky old rigid steel frame Fila Taos?
    Maybe the older bike fits you better?
    "Do, or do not. There is no try."

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    Actually, no, the Trek fits me just fine, it's a more upright riding position, the Fila is both a hair too short lengthwise, and a more stretched out riding position (the Fila has a standard straight-bar, wheras the Trek still has the stock Bonty Crowbar semi-rise bars)

    i rode the two bikes last night over the same terrain;

    the Trek had a floaty, cushy ride,but had razor sharp steering, it was more flickable "edge to edge" (to borrow a skiing term), but it felt neutral, almost "dead"

    the Fila had a much "brighter" "livelier" feel to it, it just felt more active, yes part of it was probably due to the fact it's a completely rigid frame and fork, but it just felt "snappier"

    i know i can't directly compare the two, for a few reasons;

    1; hardtails ride differently than rigids
    2; the tires are different, the Trek has Serfas Vermin semi-knobbies inflated to 35 PSI, and the Fila has WTB Slickasaurus tires inflated to 60 PSI, the slicks, with their higher pressure and lack of tread, have less rolling resistance, but conversely, a slightly rougher ride, the Trek's tires have a softer, cushier ride, but higher rolling resistance
    3; the Trek is aluminum, an extremely rigid, flex-resistant material, the Fila is steel, steel has an inherent flex built into it, it's essentially a giant spring....

    to sum up, the Trek felt like a performance-luxury car, with the reqisite soft, cushy ride, the Fila felt like a high-strung supercar sports car

    i like 'em both, that's the "problem"

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