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    When things conspire against your ride...

    So, I do a road course about twice a week to mix things up.

    Today, I probably ate a bit much, and my stomach felt so-so, but hey, that won't stop me.

    Started the ride, and realized it was "garbage day", and I forgot to put out our garbage, but I'm not stopping now.

    Started to really notice the wind, and I was under-dressed for it, but continued on.

    Finished the worst climb of the route, sucking wind, and get a hint of diesel exhaust... which I then see is from a garbage truck. I then get a whiff of garbage, and combined with my stomach issues, I come close to barfing a bit, but hey, that won't stop me.

    On the way back, I swear, a truck carrying portable toilets came towards me. While I didn't smell any "waste", I smelled the unmistakable smell of the blue-ish fluid that is supposed to mask the smell.

    That made me stop. [Insert stomach evacuation noises here.]

    Ever had a ride like that?

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    One of the many reasons I prefer off-road. Sorry about your loss (eww....)

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    Quote Originally Posted by j0hn View Post
    One of the many reasons I prefer off-road. Sorry about your loss (eww....)
    Ditto, I'd take horse/dog/deer/mtn lion droppings over all that any day.

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    Another vote for off road here as well. There are no thoughts once I hit the trail. I find my mind wanders to much when I ride the road. But on the dirt, it's crystal clear!
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    Let's see: Surround myself with trees, plants, rocks and woodland creatures, or surround myself with cars driven by texting fools, exhaust fumes, garbage trucks and blacktop? Hmmm...
    Use it, use it, use it while you still have it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cormac View Post
    Another vote for off road here as well. There are no thoughts once I hit the trail. I find my mind wanders to much when I ride the road. But on the dirt, it's crystal clear!
    Not always true for me...

    I usually bite it one its not though and the adrenaline from falliing then kicks in

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    Dark Forces Conspiring Against Us

    The fact that it was road is bad enough.

    A guy I worked with always spoke of "the dark forces conspiring against us" when things weren't going well at the shop.

    When it's a trail ride and you are committed to "doing the whole thing" or some other over-zealous plan, and you eat/sleep/poop wrong, and you leave late/store is out of ______/gas station's closed, and you forget your shoes/gloves/helmet/brain, and you break a chain/derailleur/brake lever/finger, and you run out of water/food/bear spray, and your buddy gets lost/injured/crazy, and a cloud of mosquitos/locusts/midges/bad weather blows in...

    you appreciate the other days a lot more.

    ...and it's still better than a LOT of the other stuff you have to do.

    btw - the visual of you pulling off and reversing digestion is funny. Sorry.

    It's never easier - you just go faster.

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    I have had bad riding days. You know you feel slow and off. The trail seems more rocky and looser than normal. The heat makes you sweat in buckets and when you get to the good tech stuff you are just off and out sync causing mutiple steps to be taken on stuff you normally clean and then you crash 2-3 times. Then despite eating you run out of gas, then end the ride by HAB stuff you normally ride with moderate effort only sort of crash again in an easy spot, but bang your knee badly and run out of water. And when you get home you get yelled at from the wife who says you were gone too long and then when you are getting cleaned up you notice that you ripped your shorts. Bad Rides... They happen, but it is still better than not riding at all.
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