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    What are you thankful for (MTB related)?

    Well, I've been at this, the MTB thing for 27 years now, so I'm thankful I'm still doing it, and love it more than ever.

    Thankful for all the improvements I've seen over all those years in hardware.

    Thankful for all the places MTBing has taken me over the years - UT, CO, OR, NV, AZ (and even NZ, even though that was a road ride - 500mi!).

    Thankful my wife has been riding with me since before we were married.

    Thankful for the chance to meet some of the top athletes over the years.

    Thankful for the chance to meet some of the great manufacturers over the years.

    Thankful for all the friends I've met, friends that have become close friends, over the years (some of them from right here on MTBR).

    Thankful that there isn't a day that goes by were I don't at least think about riding.

    Thankful that my health is good, and that I'll be riding for yet another year.

    Thankful that I'll be riding tomorrow, Thanksgiving day, and everyday this weekend.
    "...when your ride is nearly over, it seems to have lasted but an instant..."


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    I've been doing that post one thing you are thankful for each day in November thing on Facebook (that probably annoys anyone who's not doing it ).

    Here's my post from the first day:

    "Day 1: My bike. I learned to mountain bike July 2010 and got this bike July of 2011. I'm thankful for everything it has taught me. I can be fit, I can be skilled, I can be strong. I have a way to go on all three of those, but I'm thankful that I know I can do it."

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    Thankful I got back into biking after a 25 year break
    Thankful for my health which allows me to bike and which biking is helping protect
    Thankful for all the healthy highs biking gives me adrenaline endorphins
    Thankful for my riding group that helps push me and gives me great company on the trail
    Thankful for the trails in have in my area
    Thankful for everything biking teaches me, lessons that can be applied to all aspects of life motivation dedication endurance limits
    We are all really lucky
    And thankful for bike lights that allow me to ride an extra two months of the year
    "So I'm packing my bag for the misty mountain.."

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    I'm thankful for the wheel. Without it the ride would be very uncomfortable and slow.

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    that I still bring the heat, take the hole shot and live to ride, ride to live
    Gone are the days we stopped to decide,
    Where we should go,
    We just ride...

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    I'm thankful for the trails, trees, even the rocks. I'm thankful for having an expensive toy. Most of all, I'm thankful still being able to do it. I'm old enough to know it doesn't last forever.
    Use it, use it, use it while you still have it.

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    Thankful that I can ride.

    Too many injuries and surgeries, just thankful I can still swing a leg over an' pedal.
    "In the past few years there has been building up within me an obsession that the only way to piece of mind is to go somewhere in the desert, far away from things, and just sit down." - Ernie Pyle

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    Thankful I can call my bike a ten speed again.

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    i am thankful that i am fifty years old and still riding like i was when i was thirty five.

    i am thankful that providence has seen to it that i have not just one, but four marvelous bikes that are all trailworthy in one way or another and the fact that i only had to pay full price for one of them.

    i am thankful that i was able to get a very good ride in today and probably will have another tomorrow...

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    After getting into cycling in a big way five years ago, I lost a whole lot of weight.

    So I'm thankful that, thanks to riding a bunch, I can now fit into my wife's skinny jeans (and, you know, that I probably increased my life expectancy by quite a bit).

    I'm also thankful that I'm signed up for a 62 mile gravel grinder on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. All the more license to overindulge on turkey day!
    "Never trust a man in a blue trench coat. Never drive a car when you're dead." -- Tom Waits

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    Having more than I need, some of what I want, sunny fall days and and that 3 hour window once evey three days where it's just me and the trail.
    It's such a fine line between idiocy and genius.

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    Thankful for being able to ride no matter the weather here in the Bay Area!
    It's pronounced "so pro and cool."
    It was an impulse decision.

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    Lots of things but I am truly thankful for being born in the USA. No joke. I love this country even with all its faults.

    Insert Star Spangled Banner here_______!

    -oops, just read the title...this is not mtb related.

    EDIT: I'm thankful for a million places to ride and the opportunity to drive for months on end to find these places without ever needing a passport....or an electrical adapter, lol.

    I'm thankful to all the trail builders and trail stewards across this great nation and all over the world as I am not one of them. Thanks!

    I'm also thankful for the dropper post
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    Gravity, chamois, and all the awesome trails in the great outdoors.

    There's more, I'm actually very appreciative of everything around me when I ride, from the earth below, to the clean air above, all the human effort that's been put into making great bikes, the incredibly useful smartphone that replaced many other devices, the parks, the thousands of hours that others have put into making the trails, and it goes on and on... every ride.

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    Thankful for two working arms and legs. Financial means and an awesome state (UT) that allows me to enjoy this sport to the fullest.

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    I'm thankful for mountain biking:

    MTBing brought me from Illinois to Colorado.
    MTBing keeps me healthy, healthier as I have fortunately gotten stronger from past major injuries.
    MTBing is the reason for my friends I have met over the years.
    MTBing puts food on my table and a roof over my head, without it I would have to get a much less fun job.
    MTBing brought my wife into my life(officially getting married in May) and we bought a house on a mountain and are building mtb trails.

    Riding from a young age, mountain biking taught me to set goals and to achieve them.

    I love my life, and I wouldn't have it if it weren't for mountain biking so I am supremely thankful for that.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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    Thankful for my wife trying mt biking for the first time and loving it. Now it is turning into a family activity.

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    Thankful for good trails, a good bike, and the great friends I have met mountain biking.

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    Thankful the men and women of our military who defend our freedom.
    Happy Trails

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    Thankful I'm back to enjoying this on a regular basis.

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    One word: spoke nipples. Well, actually that's 2 words so I'll just shorten it to nipples. Thanks you for nipples. Oh, and bananna cream pie. I love that ****.

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    It's about showing up.
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    I am reaching Gnarly Old Dude status.
    I don't rattle.

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    I'm tHankful be able ride MTB @49 years ol....

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    Thankful to be able to ride this any time I want.


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    I'm Thankful for the ability to ride and a Wife who supports me

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    I'm thankful to have a new fully decked out Surly Moonlander this fall.
    The list of reasons to be thankful include a wife and two wonderful children who are adults now.
    I'm also thankful that this Thanksgiving holiday only happens once a year. I hate it. I can't stand spending a day with the emphasis being on preparing food and eating. I want out of this house.

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    I guess you can't just take a turkey sandwich and hit the road?

    I'm not going to eat too much and will be Thankful. Saturday MTB'ing with my wife in the Santa Monica Mountains.

    Avoid turkey farts,


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    I' thankful that I am developing the courage to overcome my shyness and get out and try new things.... like biking

    Thankful I am employed and can afford to get some cool toys for the kids and myself.

    Thankful I'm seasoned enough to appreciate it all and young enough to still look ahead.

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    I posted a photo themed version of what I'm thankful for over here:

    A Thanks giving ride

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    I am thankful for a healthier year in general, excellent scenery on my ride yesterday (including the very pretty lady that encourged me to follow her line up that hill) and even the overtime I'm working today & tomorrow that will allow me to upgrade my bike.

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    I am thankful I was able to ride on dirt in Minnesota on Thanksgiving morning. 58 degrees and sunny. By 5pm it was snowing and I got hit by the flu. For that-not so thankful.

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    Thankful that i have arms and legs and the ability to get my leg over a bike and ride it, many people that have disabilities would give anything to be able to jump on a bike.

    There but by the grace of god go i......
    And all the power to those that would love to ride or even walk for that matter that cant....
    We have a lot to be thankful for and its not the bikes..........
    Dont ever let the truth get in the way of a funny story....

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