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    What are the MTB purchasing mistakes you have made?

    I don't think it is possible not to make any purchasing mistakes when it comes to MTB related products.

    Over the years, I have made lots of mistakes. The major ones would be getting wrong size/standard parts (I am doing this over and over agin).

    One time, I was very much into shaving weights, but a lot of investments later I realized that it was not the thing for me.

    I have also tried some experimental things (try to fit something that is not recommended) on mountain bikes which did not work out well, but in this case the fault is on my side

    Oh, yes, I have to mention fancy looking products that fail after couple of use too.

    I don't think there are people who don't ride MTBs anymore here, but I am sure that many of you have bikes that haven't touched for years in your garage.

    What are the MTB purchasing mistakes you have made over the years?

    Let me know


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    Not sure if this is going to qualify here. I bought a pair of Bontrager baggie shorts today that when I got home I noticed they were Women Specific Designed.I'm going to wear them anyways cause they fit so well.
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    Clipless pedal systems with shoes.
    Doesn't matter what I try or how often I try it, my feet fall asleep with them while on the bike(numbness sucks) and then when I get off the bike, the blood returns! On and off for 20 years....I got tired of the loop of no feeling and then feeling like my toes were gonna explode! So much wasted time and I spend cash on nice flats with pins and converse all stars. Ride & enjoy, KWIM?

    Family bike:
    I bought a 4 seater Rhodes Car(quad pedal bike) thinking my family would actually ride it with me places since they aren't bikers by nature. Nope, I just ended up pedaling the dang heavy beast alone. So I sold it and bought a cargo bike instead. Eh, who needs 'em. So I ride mostly alone again(same story with a canoe and now I have a kayak!)
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    What are the MTB purchasing mistakes you have made?

    Buying an ill fitting bike. The upside is that I spent a lot of time learning how to properly fit bikes and have helped many friends since then.
    Riding slowly since 1977.

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    Steering damper.


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    Clothes, bike specific. Endura light weight jacket that's not lightweight when it comes to warmth. It's down right hot and wearable only below 30 degrees. Good jacket though.
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    Old school full suspension, didn't really work all that great for a bike that was 2500 bucks in the nineties.

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    atomic laboratories pimplite pedals. du bushings went to shit after a couple of rides in beautiful conditions then the CS was the worst ever. never did get a solution like i was told, at least not by AL.

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    Clipless pedals were my worst mistake. I now ride much more difficult terrain on flats than I ever would on clipless.

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    Buying one overkill long travel bike assuming it would do it all well enough, and that its high weight and general inefficiency on climbs/pedaling would get me in better shape.

    Buying random weight weenie parts off of eBay, from counterfeit carbon from well known brands (FSA, Ritchey), to Ti QR skewers (J&L branded).

    Shopping online store closeouts/bargain bins for "upgrades".

    They were valuable lessons. I better understand the old wise saying, "Cheap, light, strong, pick 2." I also better understand why people have bike quivers. In general, I have better sense of quality and value thanks to those mistakes and the exposure to the various sides of the bike industry.
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    Gave away my wool jersey.
    I don't rattle.

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    Cable Disc brakes. Wrong size item (multiple times! Seatpost-wrong diameters, seatpost shims - wrong diameter, stems that were 9 miles long) Bio pace rings,
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    Acrylic inner tubes from Foss. All three that I've had have exploded when the tyres heated up while the bike was in the sun. The sunlight can be somewhat intense here in Oz, far too intense for the Russian made Foss inners. Also, they were advertised as being one of the lightest inner tubes going, the Foss acrylic inners were actually the heaviest inner tubes that I've ever used.

    I had a Giant XTC hardtail with Kenda Small Block 8s and Avid squealing pigs on it. The person/s who stole the bike, a few years ago now, did me a huge favour, although it didn't feel like it on the day ... I feel that got my own back on them, although indirectly of course, knowing that they stole an extremely uncomfortable bike and it would be only a matter of time with the Small Block 8s, before the thief washed out on it ... and hopefully now has an acquired brain injury.


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    Two right handed brake levers.
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    Spending less on a bike because it was a really good deal, when spending a couple hundred more would have gotten a much better ride
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    Got talked into buying a set of cranks, but not the length I'd wanted. 'Confirmed w/ his Pro on staff...' was the explanation I was given. When they'd gotten to the shop, it was the previous years model. Item bought, last-item bought.

    Bike Club on the other side of town got me out on the first big Group on a week night, cleared a huge ride (up & down) then set out for the descent. Inside a flowing-corner were rises and dips, I'd just started to pedal the entire section and seriously spiked my bottom stroke.

    The Pedal did not make it, and I bent the crankarm - drive side.

    Warranty came through kindly; even sent the redesigned set and in my length I wanted first.

    ...then the first ride was NEMBA-fest, it rained at the Bike Park - instant sandpaper between my shoes and cranks. No-more graphics or paint on the brand new cranks.

    That's three mistakes there... pick one or pick all!!
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    What are the MTB purchasing mistakes you have made?

    Bought the cheapest model bike, with things I would regret when I knew more later, like quick release instead of thru-axle, 9 speed instead of 10, straight head tube. Once I got better, I really started to notice flex and it slows me down to a certain extent. If I'd just upgraded a few hundred bucks to the next model, I'd be good.

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    Huh . . . I'm yet to purchase something that I regret. I'm not too thrilled with my seat I suppose but its better than what was on there.
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    Bought a K&N Cold Air Intake cause i heard it increased power and effieciency. Personally it didn't work for me and I hated having a 4" tube in my mouth while I rode.

    But other than that I haven't had any bad purchases yet. I do a lot of research and read tons of reviews before I dump more cash in to my two-wheeled money pit. lol.
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    buying from walmart even though I know better!
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    buying something because it "looks" cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazukea View Post
    Bought a K&N Cold Air Intake cause i heard it increased power and effieciency. Personally it didn't work for me and I hated having a 4" tube in my mouth while I rode.

    But other than that I haven't had any bad purchases yet. I do a lot of research and read tons of reviews before I dump more cash in to my two-wheeled money pit. lol.
    Yeah but did it improve induction noise?

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    Selling a really sweet set of Hadley / Mavic wheels......what a dumb a$$ move.

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    Bought the cheap model Enduro in 2006, and ended up not liking the fork, shock, brakes, wheels, crank, or derailleur. The frame was solid!

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    Upgrading wheels, brakes, cockpit on an older bike ... then getting a new bike . (Keep the old ride for a buddy bike ... but save your $$ for the new ride!).

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