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    Whacky Trade Offers From Craigslist

    I've been getting a lot lately for my bike ad. Remote cars, Oakley sun glasses display case, home improvement, etc. etc. Made me wonder what others have been offered. What's your strangest? BTW: My ad said may consider trade for Ti single speed or Salsa Fargo.

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    Well mine are non bike related. Once I was selling my 1996 Geo Tracker on Craigslist and someone emailed me wondering if I would trade it for a legitimate WWF world championship belt. I was slightly entertained by the offer so I asked for pictures and me and some friends had a good laugh. Recently I was selling a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 3 amp on Craigslist and this gentlemen emailed me asking to trade it for a AK-47 and some magazines and there were pictures. I politely declined him. Couldn't stop myself from wondering had I played my cards right after a 12 pack of beer I could literally go out back with my world championship belt on and shot my AK into the air like a boss.

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