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    I lose more pounds by my commute to work. The last few years its been about 5.60 miles each way. But l just got a new job and its a smidge over 7 miles each way. Its not the distance but the routes. Nogood safe way. Omaha, Nebraska isnt know for being bike friendly but this is crazy. Im getting concerned about it. Im going to do it as long as i can before a car kills me.You all know mtbing isnt all that much fun or safe if a rider doesnt have some form of fitness.
    Eating is right on just like you guys say. Eating the wrong thing can kill your energy. I no longer smoke weed and that should d totally help as well.
    Last summer i lost about 20 pounds. I gaind about 17 back, lol. The bastards just made a Duncun Doughnuts about 1/4th of mile from my apartments! Oh they're so good. Its a problem.

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    You stand a good chance of succeeding

    Quote Originally Posted by strangedejavu506 View Post
    Hey everyone...

    I was also wanting your feedback along the way. Not sure if anyone here even does blogging but thought I would throw it out here.


    Hi Cody,

    I believe you stand a pretty good chance of success if you realize you are on a journey. It took you eight years to put on the weight and it will take some time to take it off.

    I had a similar experience. I experienced ups and downs, successes and failures. It all started working when I stopped trying so hard to lose weight and stopped obsessing about it.

    I rode a lot and practiced pretty strict portion control. I focused more on the fun of riding and less on the exercise value of it. I took days off and enjoyed the odd pint of Ben & Jerry's every now and then. I tried not to ride the same old route all the time. I made the masochistic choice not to avoid climbs.

    About 18 months later I was a lot lighter and the doctors were shocked at the improvement of my health without meds.

    You can do it, too. I will be pulling for your and checking into your blog every now and then. With respect to that, just remember that a couple of good photos add so much to a blog.

    Best wishes, good luck, and go have some fun!


    P.S. Some people may disagree, but man does not live by biking alone. In other words, switch it up and do some other activities in addition to biking and you won't get burned out.

    I like this place

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevordchi View Post
    The only way to really do it right and sustainably is to change your diet AND lifestyle. I was about 60 pounds over weight a little over 2 years ago. Then I watched the Ted Talks video from Dr. Terry Wahls because my mother has M.S. I decided to give a "paleo" lifestyle a try and I will never go back. The first time I got on a bike in the last 15 years was to commute to work and there is no way in hell I would have ever even attempted it had I not already lost over half of that weight because I cut out ALL processed foods and gluten. My body and my brain thank me every day. The paleo diet gets a bad wrap because many people believe it's just the next fad. I don't know how you could call eating lots of vegetables, fruit and quality meat and fats a "fad diet".

    And the best part is I eat as much as I want as long as it's quality food and not processed crap. Now that I commute on the bike I have to eat about 3000-4000 calories every day just to maintain my current weight. So yes, I will take a second steak and some more cauliflower and please pass the Kerrygold!

    Sorry for the rant but any time someone speaks about weight loss I feel the need to give my $.02. I've never been this healthy in my life. I played 3 sports at a big Texas school in high school but that 18 year old has nothing on this 30 year old.
    Im on my 4th week of paleo now.. I have about 20 pounds of excess to lose and im hoping sticking to it will be the key for me!
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    After going on various diets in the past 20 or so years, what worked for me is the Warrior Diet - or eating once a day or 22-24 hour fast.

    If you can't do that, skipping a meal also helps.

    I find the other diets too limiting. I'd rather not eat at all than have to eat raw or eat something that tastes terrible (which I've done lol)

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    Read your 2 blog posts as well as this thread and just wanted to see how things are progressing for you. How has it been getting back out on the trails?

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    As others have said, it's a complete lifestyle change. It's the fad diets and workouts that people participate in which lead to constant weight gain and loss. If you can change your lifestyle you will keep the weight off. Good luck and +rep
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