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    Weebles Wobble...

    A friend asked me if I'd been riding much. Comparatively, I haven't. But that forced me to recall Sunday morning's jaunt. I then checked my ride notes to see if I had fabricated any part of the story I'd related to him. Nope.

    I was out early and the trail was still cold and slick from Saturday's showers. I started cautiously on my low-tread tires, thinking this was going to be more of a sight-seeing tour than a workout. Some of those turns were pretty greasy, but I was very relaxed. I pushed the pace and things started getting looser. I was still very relaxed. The sun wasn't even getting through the trees yet, but I was seeing everything and anticipating everything, but at the same time reacting unconsciously. The trail was there only as a reference as I pushed the pace even a little more. Slick roots, bridges, puddles, corners... I was cautious when I needed to be and let fly when conditions allowed. The tires kept changing their tune as I wandered into and out of the roughness that borders every trail. Those sticks, rocks, and stumps that tell you you are off line kept kicking me back into play - sometimes with great force. I drifted and weaved from one edge to the other... and beyond... tweaking and twitching my bike without incident. 10 miles later I came out of the woods laughing out loud. Like I'd just gotten away with something.
    "Try as I might", I said, "I just couldn't fall down."

    Hopefully I have some trail karma in the bank.


    PS - It occurred to me that "Weebles" may not be a universally understood term. If you don't know what a "Weeble" is, Google it. "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down."
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    Live the life you love!

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    Life sprinkled you with awesome dust!

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    Funny how the mind can work against you. Sometimes, it's just better to leave it at the trailhead.

    Great post.

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    Wonderfully articulated! I felt your every turn as you delicately balanced form over function.
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    Great post. I think we've all had that experience at one time or another....feeling like a hero. Thanks for putting it into words.

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    Nice script!
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