I had the opportunity to volunteer my entire day today. First, I started with a patrol on North Table Mountain. Mainly, just to warn folks of the mud at top and ask them to respect the trails. Everyone was appreciative which sent me in the right direction,

I was supposed to have led a mountain bike skills clinic for trail volunteers today, but the sponsors had been a little lax in getting people signed up. Instead, I co-led the geocaching clinic. Yeah, I'm a bit of geek with that. I've done it myself, but never taught anyone else about it. But, it was exciting to see the look on people's faces finding the modern day version of buried treasure.

The work this afternoon was at Crown Hill Park. It's kind of an oasis in an urban setting. People are very protective of this place and I understand why. It is unique.

I had no idea these guys were in Colorado.

The cemetery is a very haunting place. No matter where you go in this park, it draws your attention.

Not much for trails, but that's really not why I was there.

Jefferson County Open Space treated everyone to a great lunch with entertainment. I'm not much for Blue Grass, but these guys were very good.