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    Vacation in Moab...per my SO..long w/pics

    A couple of months ago the wife said she had a deal for me. I need you to take April 28th off of work to watch our 3 kids while I go to a conference and a girls night. But here is the deal. Take off the 29th as well and we will all go to Moab and you can have the whole trip to ride.

    I said yeah right you are joking. Nope she was not. So we made arrangement to stay in some condos with 8 couples going.

    My good buddy and I had majors plans. We were going to ride at least 2 rides a day on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday 1 ride and maybe just maybe a trip to the Bartletts Wash for a little fun.

    So all the crew wanted to ride Slickrock. Since this is the only real ride that I have ever done in Moab besides the leisurly Gemini Bridges. We agreed. We also wanted to hit Porcupine Rim for sure. The idea was to go and try Amasa Back and some others, but we would see when we get there.

    I our minds this all sounded great. A couple of rides a day. Get up early, ride. Come back to the condo. Rest. Ride some more, then spend some time with the family and friends. Reality check. You are old, fat, slow, and you do not ride that much. The body seems to rule when it comes to riding the bikes. Go figure.

    So we left Salt Lake at 7:30 am. No problem we will get to Moab in 4 hours max. Well between the traffic, rain, and snow on the way down it took closer to 5 hours. Then there was a mechanical with a truck. Blown up rearend.

    I cannot remember what time we finally hit Slickrock. Here are a few pic from the trail.

    view shot

    A shot with a rider. My buddy Snoop. (It is hard to get pictures of the crew when you are always in last.)

    Another view shoot.

    I did not think to get a group shoot of Slickrock. After this trail the body said you will not be riding another ride today bud. Plus with all of the delay we really did not have the time. So off to the condos we went. Had some dinner. Hung out with the group and went to bed. Porcupine Rim is set for the am ride.

    We took the wuss way out and had a shuttle to the trailhead with plans to ride back to town and meet the wives for lunch. Plans?? Why plan? We again started late. 10 am start. Hoping this would only take 4 hours max to ride. Well things were great until the lone lady with the group injured her knee in a patch of sand. Nothing too serious but enough to slow her down quite a bit. So here are a few pics of our ride.

    This is a flower that was in the middle of the trail just waiting for some ATV dude to run it over.

    Well I did get a group shot on this ride. Here we are at one of the view points.

    Another shot from that same view point.

    One just a little bit down the trail.

    Here is one of myself and my buddy Snoop

    One of my buddies Kluge on a STIL shot

    Here is a shot at the bottom. There were a whole flood of riders coming down at once. I could not get my camera out soon enough.

    With the injury to our lone lady friend and waiting to see if she was ok we ended up finishing the trail in 4 hours. We had a shuttle at the bottom instead of riding into town. Two of us opted to stay and wait for her and her husband to finish one hour later. Then we waited another 45 minutes for somebody to pick the 4 of us up.

    This was our first time on PR trail and it took it toll on me. My shoulder was killing me. I couldn't get up the energy to do another ride today. Damn body.

    Nobody else was up for a ride on Sunday, so Snoop and I decide to do a easy and quick ride early. We hit Gemini Bridges @ 7am. It had rained a bit early that morning. It was cool and the trail was packed good. We were the only ones on the trail. We ran into 2 riders at the Gold Bar Rim junction. And three more on the way back to the parking lot. I opted not to take the camera on this ride. We went back to the condos, showered packed the cars and planned on going into Arches for a hike but it was raining. I was sooo sad. I hate hiking. We had a great trip even if our plans did not pan out. There were a lot of people in Moab. I though with FFTF going on that most people would be over there. I talk to the lady at the bottom of PR trail that was taking pics. At 2:30 she had taken over 300 pics so far. Also the Moab car show was going on. Holy crap talk about a bunch of weirdo. Tons of people lineing Main street watching cars drive by. It was freaking nuts. I like classic cars but these people were out on the streets all day long. Anyway I hope you enjoy my pictures. Thanks for reading.
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    Great mountain shots! Thanks for posting.

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    Great shots man. I sure do miss that place. Theres nothing wrong with shuttling to the trailhead of PR. Its all road if I recall anyways and if you do ride it your choking on the dirt and fumes from the people that are shuttling

    "Im just going to explore a little bit..."

    Dont make me be the bad guy...

    Do I need a pass to ride this trail?

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    That's awesome.

    My buddies and I were doing P. Rim that same day- it was the last day of a 5-day MTB vacation, and our first time to Moab. Maybe you passed us (3 dudes fixing a flat on an upside down bike on the doubletrack downhill section). Looking at your pics takes me back...

    Thanks for the post. Everyone needs to do P. Rim once in their lives.

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    What time were you on the trail? I remember seeing a lot of people fixing flats. Thankfully we did not have any mechanicals on our ride. Do you remember what roll your pic was taken down at the bottom? I might recognize you from that. I heard that a someone had a broken arm, another a broken collarbone, and some other dude took a trip down a good sized ravine and walked away. All that right after we finished. That is a great trail. I am excited to try others down there.

    What trails did you ride while you were there? I wish I had five days down there.
    "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
    -Albert Einstein

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