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Thread: Tried it today

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    Tried it today

    I drove to a State Park near my home yesterday and was pretty excited to see a trail map(there is nothing online?). I borrowed my Son-in-law's Trek hybred this morning to see what I thought of it. I wasn't ecstatic about it like I was yesterday. I'm not a laid back person, I was being extra extra careful not to get lost, and it was somewhat stressful for me. The trails I parked near have no markings, I came to the same marked trail twice in opposite directions. Went down a steep hill and had to walk it when I came back up. The gearing on the hybred is 22 front and 30 rear, so I'm not sure an actual mountain bike would be any different. Had to stop twice to catch my breath and slow down my heart. Got a real hard workout for only an hour ride. Came to one spot where I could see the road almost straight down about 400 feet. I drove home past that spot and I think I saw I sign that said no bikes-so I may not have even been on a bike trail. Did my exploring, didn't get lost. Definitly not a manic moment, but I am sure I will go back as soon as I have a day to do it again.

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    That's who took my screen name! ;P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slee_Stack View Post
    That's who took my screen name! ;P
    Maybe Sluggo was hiding it.
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    I had 10 hours to kill today on a bus charter, across the street from Osborndale State Park. I went for a short hike, and tried a different trail on the way back. By the time that I figured out that the trail was not going in the direction of where I started, it was too late to turn around(past the point of no return). When I got back, I was talking to the wrestling coaches wife, and the subject came up of riding in Nassahegon State Park, because I had never heard of this park. She told me her husband used to mountain bike in there. When he came and sat back down, I asked him what kind of riding he did, I said "Did you keep your wheels on the ground?" He told me most definitly not. He said that he did mountain bike racing, than changed to downhill racing. He broke his collar bone so decided it was time to quit. He said he rode a hardtail for racing and full suspension for his normal riding. Guess he gave them to his friends.

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