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    TR - Thanksgiving in Moab (Utah x-post)

    So it took me quite a while to get around to pics and this trip report, but still want to get one put together. We did some awesome riding! A friend of mine bought a townhome in Moab this summer and invited me out for Thanksgiving. He could only make it for the 4 days, but Gil and I went for the whole week.

    To break up the drive we stopped in Hurricane/St George for a ride. A couple friends of ours were spending half the week there so we hit up Guacamole in the morning with them.

    Heading out

    Cool shot heading over to salt on the rim

    I think Christian regretted the full rigid bike but he wouldn't admit it

    Playtime on the rocks

    Twisting and weaving

    Closing the loop on the outer rim

    Guacamole is always such a fun ride, we covered almost everything there in under 3 hours. That is also nice, because it meant we had time for a second ride.

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    We stopped in for lunch and then headed off for a second ride. There are tons of great rides in St George and new ones are still popping up. I wanted to check out one I saw on Trailforks, that seemed to end with a good descent and had some good reviews...Babylon to Little Purgatory.

    This ride is a ways out of town. From Hurricane you head north to 15, or from StG you go north on 15. Then a ways off the highway. To what seems like middle of nowhere.

    Cool formations on the drive out

    Big surprise to start was a stream with flowing water

    We crossed it a number of times to start, and the ride wasn't looking that promising at first

    Then we turned off the initial trail onto Historic Babylon and it got better (but not easier)

    Amazing views behind us in the late afternoon light

    And great views ahead too. I-15 is somewhere between us and those mountains

    After some tough climbing up a gully we hit the top and start to drop down Little Purgatory. More great views...

    Trail was perfect IMO... raw, chunky, little traveled

    Some fun switchbacks and steeper towards the bottom

    A few nice drops too. Perfect level of tech

    Then back down through the stream crossings. A bit more rideable heading back to the truck.

    I really liked this ride, would do it again. It is probably one of the longer descents in StG. Not as hard as Grafton but still a fun descent with a few tech spots.

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    Day 2

    After StG we had dinner at a nearby restaurant and then hit the road. We still had a few hours driving to get to Fruita. Plans to spend a few days there and GJ were in doubt due to rain in the forecast but we could get at least one day in.

    Comedy set in when at midnight and the gas at 1/4 tank I figured we could make if from the Moab turnoff to Fruita. I know the gauge drops faster the last 1/4 tank but I normally get 50-60mi out of it before the warning light comes on, so 60mi to Fruita shouldn't be a problem. Well the needle dropped like a rock and the warning light came on 25 mi later. WTF??? 40mi to go. Can I make it? I've never driven more than 20mi after the warning light came on. Rather than take chances I turned tail back toward the turnoff. Better late than run out of gas, that would have sucked at 1am. Finally made it to the 18 road campground at 2am. There's something to be said for never passing a gas station when you are below 1/2 tank!

    Waking up was a little chilly

    We broke camp and then parked down at the lower trailhead. Climbing up Prime Cut

    The spark coming out of the guy's ass is a nice touch

    At the upper TH we headed over to Zippity

    I last rode Fruita back in 2009. I love to pooh-poo it since 18 road gets hyped so much but damn these trails are fun

    We climbed back up Zip Off, a trail that I don't recall existing last time here. It climbs back to Zippity, from the west. Very nice climb until the last few hundred feet (HAB)

    Still traversing back to Zippity

    Great views from Zip off

    For the next lap we hit Joe's Ridge, another classic

    Another really fun trail

    We didn't have a huge amount of time left so we opted for a few odd man out shuttle laps on PBR. This trail was a lot more fun than I remembered. I rode Gil's bike, a new Intense Primer as my front skewer had snapped on Joe's part way down when I tried to tighten a loose wheel. I couldn't keep the maxle tight after that. The Primer is a fun bike for sure, felt really solid. My first "real" ride on a 29er. We took off back to town in time to hit the bike shop where I got a new skewer.

    Gil on PBR

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    Excellent post, loved it!

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    Enjoyed your ride summaries and pics!
    F*ck Cancer

    Eat your veggies

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    Good stuff!

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    Very interested to see this RR of the Babylon/Little Purgatory. It's one of the few trails in St. George Hurricane I haven't tried yet. Seems like I'd kind of written it off my list several years ago based on one guy's assessment. Then I was just reading a description of it at Utah Mountain Biking - Trails, Information, Repairs and had a renewed desire to try it. After your ride report I'm even more keen to give it a go.

    In order to access the top, did you have to pull out of the wash where you did? Was the trail pretty obvious? Or was that just the better option at the time due to the flowing stream?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRob View Post
    In order to access the top, did you have to pull out of the wash where you did? Was the trail pretty obvious? Or was that just the better option at the time due to the flowing stream?
    KRob, the trails are on Trailforks and we had little trouble following them. They are pretty obvious except for a few short sections on grassy slope where it is very faint. The trail follows the wash we were in at first for 150-200 yards and then stays above aside from a few more crossings. After the last crossing the trail climbs away, stay on it and it will take you up top. The trail is little used, eroded in spots, steep in spots, and raw/techy, so not for every one. I think a lot of people wouldn't like it. But it is mostly rideable and a different vibe from most of the other local trails. And as I mentioned, one of the longer continuous descents I've seen in the area. Definitely check it out, seeing the stuff you've posted before I think you'll like it.

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    Day 3

    The forecast was not cooperating with us this trip and rain in Fruita/GJ would chase us over to Moab pre-maturely.

    We camped over near Klondike bluffs, and got rained on most of the night

    We packed up in the morning during a break in the rain and headed into town for breakfast. It was looking clear through mid afternoon so we headed over to Amasa back area.


    More climbin'

    Great views of the La Sals would become a theme for the trip

    Playing around

    Great views at the top

    Still lots of work on upper Ahab

    Then the descent... Gil brought the go-pro, so you can watch me miss key turns!

    And we finished just in time for a rain delay

    We were able to get the code to get in the condo early and were living large as it rained outside.

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    Day 4

    Navajo Rocks seems to be the trail system of choice for riding immediately following rains. After stopping in at the shop we headed out to the trailhead. Plan was to ride part of the loop and then head up to the Mag7 area via a new-ish connector, and then back on 7up.

    Cruising Navajo Rocks

    Lots o rocks

    When the bridge is too wide it takes some style to make it look cool

    Always trying to find the ideal picture angle at this rock...haven't quite got it yet!

    Is it Christmas yet?

    From the boring part of Navajo Rocks

    Up top

    Next we turned onto Chisholm Trail to connect us to Mag7

    Really fun trail with a huge variety of terrain, and great climbing grade

    Hole shot

    We took Getaway Tr down a few miles before connecting to the Mag7 network

    Great views there

    We dropped down a ways then climbed back to the top of the Mag7 network. From there we took 7up back to Navajo Rocks. Here's some vid of the good part of 7up. Most of 7up sucked. It drops down part on singletrack, part on jeep road and part on big rock slabs. Lots of elevation lost on jeep trail and too much climbing for a descent! Next time I would ride back on Chisholm for sure...

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