• 11-25-2012
    Tour of the Fireflies 2012 (Philippines)
    I know, not MTBing, but bike advocacy nonetheless (cross-posted in Philippines). I noticed nobody else had posted before, so here goes...
    This is an annual organized Critical Mass ride held originally on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of April. It was postponed several times this year but finally pushed through on 18 November 2012.
    It was estimated that 14,000 cyclists joined the Tour this year. That's an incredible number compared to the measly 1,000+ the last time I attended in 2005.
    The route took us from Pasig City, to Marikina City, to Quezon City, briefly through San Juan City, before returning to Pasig, for a total of approximately 35 km (33.1 km on my Strava).
    The horrendous Sunday morning traffic was testament to the power of the pedal. My dad and older brother chided me that evening because they were late for Sunday church!
    Tour of the Fireflies 2012 Timelapse - YouTube (video is not mine)

    The Firefly Brigade

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    Israel Abakán Magalit - Tour of the Fireflies 18 November 2012