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    the half breed devil
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    total miles ridden in 2013

    it doesn't need to be can guess, use data from your cyclometer, strava or whatever. you can count your road miles too--and you can just tell us your total hours, if that's your thing.

    how many miles did you get in during 2013?

    i'll finish with 2,342, down from 4,200 + last year.

    going from being unemployed to having a full time job with a wonky schedule tends to do that...

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    mtbr member
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    Nice job
    Better than sitting on the couch
    I got in 2500 in the dirt. It was a tough year with getting separated after 17 yrs and losing my battle for disability due to a brain injury. My bike is one of my best friends and I look forward to riding in 2014 and re-entering the work force. Do not know what yet but I have a life to live to the fullest.
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    ready to ride
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    Hard to tell. I go in spurts using strava. In the summer I get a lot of rides in at some trails near work. Follow those same trail all the time, don't really see the point in using strava and a lot of times my battery isn't full so why kill it.

    Strava says 600 miles, 100 hours, 90,000 elevation gain and 49 rides. I would like to think I am about double that but probably closer to 1000. I have had some pretty epic rides though this past year both at home and including the Highland wilds of Scotland. Not bad IMO being 41,with a wife, kids, and a job that has me traveling about 2 months out of the year.

    Going for more in the coming year. Trying to start it off right with a ride tomorrow, about 16 miles and 4000 feet.

    Happy New Years to all!
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    3,527 mi.
    277.5 hr.
    305,512 ft vertical gain.
    347 rides

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    Fat-tired Roadie Moderator
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    Strava says 2374. That includes running but not most of my trainer and treadmill time or commuting. Probably about 250 miles of commuting.

    Hopefully get back to about 3000 in the next year. I'm closer to trails now, so leads road riding to tick up the miles in less time. By hours, I'd like to be around 400. Including running and the gym.

    I finished a Master's degree, got married, and got a Real Job. That's my excuse. Ironically, while the Real Job takes more time than my degree program, I get more ride hours. Being able to plan ahead really helps.
    "Don't buy upgrades; ride up grades." -Eddy Merckx

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    Strava tells me 2,489 miles with 355K feet of climbing in 130 rides. 90% on dirt.

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    OTB Pro
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    I rode around 1200 miles this year. Doubled my numbers from last year and am hoping for at least 2000 miles in 2014. 90+% of those miles were ridden on dirt.

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    total miles ridden in 2013

    3864 total. Going for 5000 next year.

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    Estimated at 35km per ride x 3 per week = 5460km = 3392 miles
    heaven knows how many feet of elevation, but the area where I ride has 1000 feet of elevation with a myriad of track within that area so your guess would be as good as mine

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    I was shooting for 1500 and waited until the last week to knock out the last miles. Freakin got bronchitis and couldn't ride...

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    According to STRAVA I finished just shy of 3,000 miles.

    Didn't get a smart phone and start until half way through January, so I'm calling it 3K


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    2670 miles
    161 rides
    300 hours
    235,000 feet of climbing
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    2900 and some change.

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    Crud, I only got in 150 miles this year...schoolwork takes the majority of my time unfortunately...
    "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9

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    Trailhead Poseur
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    Per Strava, 875 mi mountainbiking, but I'm guessing it's closer to 1500-1600 mi. I first started using Strava to log rides at the end of March, and I wasn't consistent about using a GPS on every ride (only 3 rides total were tracked between September and October, for example).
    Speed solves all problems, except for those things it makes worse.

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    mtbr member
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    Oct 2007
    1505 miles
    107 rides
    164,705' of gain... all on dirt.

    I'm hoping to double up this year.

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    mtbr member
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    Aug 2008
    97 Hours
    911 miles
    115,000 feet of elevation gain
    83 rides

    Almost all mountain bike - only 100 miles of road.

    I see some amazing numbers in here - I was pretty proud of my year, but damn.

    I didn't start riding this year until May and we bought a house in July (2 kids and married - and she does complain a little that I go "quite a bit" in her eyes). Those are the good excuses I'll stick with.
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    Of the Nameless Rabble
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    Got in 1,485 from January to June and then was sidelined for the rest of the year due to an unexpected injury. Hopefully I'll be able to ride again during the summer of 2014.

    Nice job on all the other numbers posted here! Life moves fast and a person never knows when their last ride might really be their last. Make 2014 a good year.

    I like this place

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    3944 miles, going for 5000+ this year. If I can keep my bike out of the shop, and Fox doesn't have another recall!
    2013 Trek Rumblefish Elite
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    From My Garmin connect:

    Count: 128 Activities
    Distance: 1,988.76 mi
    Avg Distance: 15.54 mi
    Max Distance: 48.81 mi
    Time: 305:58:29 h:m:s
    Avg Time: 2:23:26 h:m:s
    Max Time: 7:30:39 h:m:s
    Elevation Gain: 297,753 ft
    Avg Elevation Gain: 2,326 ft
    Max Elevation Gain: 6,365 ft
    Avg Speed: 6.5 mph
    Max Speed: 48.2 mph
    Calories: 181,967 C

    The goal for the year was 2000....ooh so close.

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    Geordie biker
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    3,595 miles
    231 rides

    Mainly fat bike and single speed miles and 1,019 miles more than I did in 2012 so happy with that.....though I did set myself a target of 250 miles per month....some months I failed but some months I did twice the miles or more like in summer.
    2014 milage so far - 2,485

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    mtbr member
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    Nov 2010
    284k Elevation gain
    3500 Miles

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    mtbr member
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    Feb 2011
    2637 miles
    384 hours
    222 activities
    states, IL, FL, MO,KS,CO,UT,ID,OR,WA,ND, BC and AB Canada
    8000 miles road trip to MTB

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    Log off and go ride!
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    I do not measure miles. I measure smiles.

    A short 10 mile ride I thoroughly enjoy rates higher to me than a meh century.
    So many trails... so little time...

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    I fell short of my 1,000 mi goal by 35ish miles. I can't complain after being off the bike for the previous 5 years or so.

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