This passion hit is about doing something right. bear with me and read it ;-)

I went through a divorce a couple of years back and haven't ridden as much as I would like in the time since. Some of it logistics, some of it motivation, some of it just wanting to do other things. But through all of it I always went riding with my kids. Skiing as well. Over the winter we did the Talons Challenge together at Beaver Creek (23k ft vertical on XX Black Diamond in one day). I was happy and proud of both kids (ages 13/15) then.

Took a road trip with my kids this summer and ended up in Tahoe for a bit. My son Quinn and I went for a ride on Tahoe flume trail. I'll have to admit he pretty much crushed me on the grueling climb to get up there. And that made me happy. To have your 15 year old crush you on a climb - he came back to check on me kind of crushed me - made me happy. It also made me realize I did something right. I may have screwed a lot of things up but I have skiing and riding buddies that will and can go anywhere with me forever. Well, at least for as long as I am paying More importantly, they see themselves as athletes and look at things like a rough hill climb as just another obstacle to overcome. They have a passion for life that I envy.

In any case, Quinn is also into video these days and he took his GoPro with us on that ride and whipped this together. The exposure is amazing on the ride but even more so through a GP fisheye lens. It doesn't hurt that the sky was amazing the day we rode.

This video is going to make me smile for a long time to come. I hope you enjoy it.
Tahoe flume trail mtb edit - YouTube