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    Tahoe father son ride

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting my riding buddy Ty and his son Aiden on a great Tahoe ride. We did Mt. Rose down Van Sickle. Aiden had never ridden that far before, but he had no trouble at all, even on the huge climbs, and with a cobbled together bike. The derailleur wasn't working properly and an improvised rock spacer was all that kept it semi-functional. Despite that he did some amazing riding. Both of them are quite talented and skilled, and they were very patient with me. The climb to the top of Van Sickle was as difficult as I can remember. Great riding with both of them and nice to see a kid out riding instead of playing video games in the basement. More photos and all photos on a map here.

    Tahoe father son ride-tahoe-8-26-15.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1143-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1178-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1080-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1081-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1082-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1086-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1093-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1096-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1106-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1111-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1115-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1131-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1132-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1159-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1162-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1163-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1165-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1167-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1168-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1172-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1175-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1187-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1197-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1213-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1220-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1221-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1222-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-img_1224-x2.jpg

    Tahoe father son ride-untitled_panorama2-x2.jpg

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    wow great photos, thanks for sharing!

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    This is how it started...
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    Hope your boy has quick reflexes. Did he make recover the endo?
    Life is about the ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdsantacruzer View Post
    Hope your boy has quick reflexes. Did he make recover the endo?
    Kids, he jumped back up and tried it again.

    Tahoe father son ride-stairs.jpg

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    Such beautiful landscape! Looks like another wicked ride
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    Great pictures and great ride

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