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    Spring Break UT/CO 2013

    Utah and Colorado have been a spring break destination for me for a while. Even though I'm a solid 20 years older than the average college spring break goer, I don't let my age stop me from getting out there and cutting loose.

    We spent a week based out of Moab but took 3 day trips to Colorado to get a good mix of riding.

    Locations: Loma/Mack, Moab, Grand Junction, Cortez, Fruita
    Let's start with the Loma/Mack area. I like to park at the small parking area between Moore Fun and Mack Ridge. The route: Moore Fun, Mary, Rustler, Mary, Horse Thief, Mary, Steve's, Lions, Mack. It's a relatively long ride but hits almost all the trails (sorry Troy Built).

    From the Moore Fun trail with Mack Ridge in the background.

    Emerging from the rocks on Steve's

    Climbing out of Steve's back towards Mary and Lion.

    Phil's World in Corez was the next destination. It's an okay place to ride but I'm not sure it really lives up to the buzz.

    A cool ledge to drop off at Phil's

    Step back... it's Amassa Back. This area is one of my favorites. It offers Amassa, Rockstacker, Jackson, and now Captain Ahab. There's a lot of medium sized ledges to drop off. As I rode I kept saying to myself i'd hit it over and over again.

    Steepish roll onto some blocky bits.

    I really like the views from here.

    A skinny ledge to pedal up onto. Not much room for error but it's not a huge move.

    Ahab has a warning sign and for good reason.

    It was a nice run back towards the start.

    Interesting things integrated into the trail.

    A ledge from Amassa Back.

    Looking towards the far end of Amassa.

    Back towards the La Sal Mountains.

    Some steep climbing on this line.

    The numerous ledge drops make for a lot of fun even though it's 4x4 width.

    A tough climb with a crazy line. In the background is the famous big step up.

    I'm not sure what these fin shaped rock formations are called but I thought they looked neat.

    Upper section of Ahab I believe.

    Some of these pictures are not in order and this is one. From somewhere on Amassa Back.

    We caught a shuttle to Porc Rim one morning. The snowstorm a few days before shut down Kokopelli and UPS, so we only rode LPS down.

    This has to be one of the most photographed landmarks but its popularity does not make it any less worthy.

    Porcupine Rim has a nice mix. Sadly, the lower singletrack section has been sanitized though.

    Sovereign / Salt Wash make a really fun single track ride. There are some steep ups/downs but nothing hateful. The downhill back towards where we park is really fun.

    Didn't get many pics from this location, but here's something from Sovereign.

    A steep roll in on Sovereign.


    Riding through the Arroyo

    As above.

    Last one from Sovereign.

    Grand Junction's Lunch Loops. Rode Tab, Eagle's Wing, Free Lunch, Tab, Eagle's Wing, High Noon, Holy Cross, Pre-Nup (out-back), Holy Cross, Annie?, Steep dirt, back to the car.

    I wasn't thrilled to be that far up on my nose but it worked out.

    After LL, we drove over to 18 Road. PBR was a lot of fun. I worked just as hard shredding down PBR and I did climbing Prime Cut. Joes - MoJoes was awesome but for Pete Fagerlin's sake, don't ride MoJoe's if you aren't going to pin it and clear the jumps. There's already ride arounds and excessive brake bumps. If you are fairly accomplished, it's all straight forward, but it does require speed to clear everything so don't choke.

    It was kind of nice riding some trails not littered with tons of rock. Variety is the spice of life so it's said.

    No pictures to accompany this ride, but...
    Years ago I swore off riding epic rides. I just didn't really want to subject myself to that crap any more. You know, that feeling where you just want to feel nothing... where you just want to be done. I was past all that. Well it's not that simple. Sometimes the epics choose you. We started off in light snow, then a freewheel was occasionally sticking. After we fixed that it was in the afternoon and that's not the best time to start a long and difficult ride, but we were there and hastily decided to hit Bull Run, Great Escape, Gold Bar, Golden Spike, Portal. That's a great configuration but you might not want to start at 4:00 when it gets dark around 8:30. Energy wise, we were feeling fine and the miles passed fairly easily. After the climb to Gold Bar rim, our favorite trail has been blocked and signed not to enter. So we rode Golden Spike. If you've never ridden GS, do yourself a favor and keep it that way. It goes up to the rim, then dips back away, again and again. Up/down with many alternate routes which made route finding a little difficult. Hours pass and it's getting dim and we can see the portal rock way off in the distance. We need to make time but GS is not easy to follow and it doesn't simply follow the rim. Eventually it's just before dusk and we reached portal. The portal is scary enough in full daylight the twilight makes it all the more difficult. We ride what we can and walk what we can't or when the danger is too high. After we drop off the portal, we've got a few miles of road to get back to our car. When I see dumb asses riding there bikes after dark without lights or even reflective material, I think to myself what dumb asses. Well, we were those dumb asses that day but had to reach the car somehow. Luckily there was very little traffic. I think one car passed us. When we reached the car all we wanted to do is load up and go eat and never do anything like that again.

    By the weeks end we rode 7 days, 14 separate rides, 200 miles, 24000 ft ascending, 30000 ft descending. There's nothing else to say.

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    A bunch of my ride pics:

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    +1 on the awesome

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    Hey Mr. JackFromNC,

    +2 on the Awesome!

    I love what you apparently love about riding a trail.....find something to jump on to, off of or over!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Most people use a bicycle as a form of transportation. They see it as a means to pleasantly go from here to there while taking in the sun and the scenery. I prefer to use it as a launch and recovery vehicle.
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    Blue Dot was blocked off? Nice thread.

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    The scenery is so majestic! I would love to ride Utah and Colorado. Thank you for sharing your pics and ride report.
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    The start was and some of it's early parts had been deconstructed. It turns out that blue dot is not legal and golden spike is the official way to connect to portal. The parts a bit past the start all the the way to portal appeared to still be in tact.
    Quote Originally Posted by BeanMan View Post
    Blue Dot was blocked off? Nice thread.
    A bunch of my ride pics:

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    Blue Dot is what made Mag 7 a worthwhile ride.

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    Helluva spring break!

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    Great pics from a great adventure. Thanks for posting.

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    That's what I'm talking about right there! Awesome passion. Awesome trip. Awesome report. Thank you.
    You guys got in a ton of riding. Nice work.
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    Nice write up. Sounds like an amazing trip.

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    That's a fantastic write up. Passion forum at its finest! Thanks for sharing.

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