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    This place needs an enema
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    Spring, allegedly.

    It sort of feels like it.

    But then, more often, it sort of doesn't.

    Unseasonably cool, with threats of snow and freezing weather weeks after we'd normally be sweltering.

    'Odd' seems the best way to describe it.

    Certain activities are proceeding apace regardless of weather.  Throw *one* stick in the lake and expect a pile of kindling to be returned.  Atta boy.

    Trees are budding, grasses are, uh, un-dormant-ing.

    Bikes are being ridden, just maybe not as willy-nilly, tra-la-la, whenever/however/often as we'd like.

    Boats are being paddled indoors and out:

    Wheels are being built and shipped daily.

    All in all, pretty normal and really dang good.

    It's just that, for lack of a better term, "things" have seemed off somehow, and the weather is the easiest, most obvious thing to point at.  Below freezing with inches of snow late in April is downright weird for the desert.  And such cool temps that even with added late-season precip the trails and rivers are *dry*.  We've been just sorta scratching our heads and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    Then it'll get sunny and ~warm for a day, and we'll rush right out like a pack of idjits to embrace it.

    And then, wham!

    Some notice, some don't.

    I snuck out for a ride this morning between builds, noting as I topped out that it was calm, unnaturally so.  The one constant of a "normal" spring here is wind.  Thought back and, to my memory, it just hasn't been windy.


    Checked weather when I got back to the shop: 50+ mph gusts predicted this PM.


    After shipping the day's wheels I took Fang for a stroll around the block, noting and appreciating petals that will undoubtedly be blown away by morning.

    Such is life, no?  Here today, gone sooner than we expect, or plan for.

    Or maybe that's just the way I see it, when indoctrinated by a spring such as this.

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    Your weather looks pretty nice to me. It's April 30 and I'm hoping to be able to ride the fatty tomorrow. Hoping, because it's snowing currently and it's suppose to snow for two days.

    You could trade it for this. 8:30 in the morning on May 1.

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    Your posts usually make me smile. They usually inspire. They usually have great photography..... as does this one.

    But Mothzilla scared the beejeebees out of me! I wasn't ready for that. Next time a little warning would be nice.
    I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth...
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    Ahhhhh, sounds like normal spring on the Colorado plateau.
    Some gorgeous days and, just when you are yearning for true spring, a bit 'o snow. and Wind. WIND.
    When I lived in southwestern Colorado, old-timer locals referred to those high gusting winds as San Juan-ers, because the winds blew a reddish haze of dust and grit (formerly Utah real estate) into the Cortez/Dolores area from the direction of the San Juan River.
    Loved the picture of Ms. Owl on her nest in a basket!
    Still processing the fatty on a sand bar in the river.......Nope, no mental download for that one...does not compute!
    Great photo essay.
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    Beautiful as always. Thank you.

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    Love the owl!

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    It was in the 70s over the weekend. Snowed yesterday. We're somewhere in between today. Better go ride.

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    Great post, thanks for sharing
    life is steeper than it looks

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    Lovely compositions! I especially like the closeups! Very cool!
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    Many likes for this thread. And cheers to Colorado getting back to what some of consider a "normal" spring!
    The older I get, the faster I was.

    Punch it, Chewie.

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    Pictures were nice to look at, it snowed here yesterday and a couple of times in the past week. Supposed to get into the teens (Celsius) in temperature this weekend but I'll believe it when I feel it. Nothing but flood warnings and snow on the news lately, depressing......

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    This is some of your best photography IMO.
    Quote Originally Posted by buddhak
    And I thought I had a bike obsession. You are at once tragic and awesome.

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    Young, Shawn Young
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    Excellent words and pictures!
    "Im just going to explore a little bit..."

    Dont make me be the bad guy...

    Do I need a pass to ride this trail?

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    beautiful pictures! same conditions here in the Northeast, get 1-2 days of nice weather then back to 30's in the mornings. Still riding but not as enthusiastically.

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