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    Sometimes PLAN B ain't so bad (blah blah blah)

    So I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday for having completely wussed out on the NYC 5 Boro ride. Friends bailed on me, it was raining, I had every reason on the planet to try and not do this. But when the weather broke around noon, I was feeling like a total tool when wifey suggested we go on a bike ride (topic covered in another thread). After that brief ride with wifey and the kid, I dropped them off at home and proceeded to go on a road ride on my own. A proper one, one that I can take at speed, one without anyone else in tow, one that'll allow me to help make up for the horrible feeling I had for pussing out on the NYC 5 Boro ride.

    So I grabbed my print out of the NYC bike route map and rode out towards the Long Island Sound. Along the water, I followed the bike path southward into the Bronx. I quickly left my suburban surroundings and was quickly swallowed up by the hustle-bustle of the highway cutting right through the Bronx, east to west. I rode on the designated bike path right along the Pelham Parkway.

    Hey, that's the hospital where my son was born last June! I rode by it, and the thought of the kid let me ride the next four or so blocks with a smile on my face. The bike and pedestrian path was pretty empty on this gorgeous afternoon so I friggin' hauled it in. Out of the saddle, my legs really go to work, bike sways left and right and left and right. Hey, these moustache bars feel pretty good!

    I arrive at some crossroads and I opt to ride northward, along the Bronx River Parkway until I run out of bike path and am forced to rejoin traffic at large. The only thing is traffic decided to stay home that afternoon, so I got to explore the Bronx at ease. I consulted my map and conjured up a route that would loop me back to the neighboring town and let me get home without retracing my path. Sure I got lost a few times and took a few unplanned detours, but I rode through neighborhoods I never even knew existed. Dominican communities, Jamaican communities, kids were out playing while their parents enjoyed reggae blasting out their car stereos.

    Oddly enough, I was the only one on two wheels for most of the distance. No recreational riders, not even roadies. A complete lack of lycra on these streets.

    70 minutes later, I look down at my computer and it reads almost 20 miles. My thighs had a nice buzz going, but my arms and shoulders were jelly-like from all the potholes in the last 5 mile stretch. I wasn't heaving with breath, but I simply got a nice ride out of it. Got some sun, some some wind in my face, and I rode through interesting new neighborhoods that I'll be sure to revisit soon enough. Most of all, I didn't feel as bad about missing that 42-mile 5 Boro ride.

    Mission accomplished.

    I learned that while dirt trails are where the fun is, riding the roads around can be quite exhilarating when I'm feeling explorer-like. God, I hope this doesn't make me into a roadie.

    I'm sorry I can't offer any pics like most people do since I don't typically carry my camera with me, so all I can manage is some silly map of the route I took (which I can't believe would be of interest to anybody)
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    as always, a very nice writeup....thanks for sharing. Even though you're joining the darkside

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    That dark side? As in road riding? For the sake of women and children everywhere, for the sake of pedestrians and motorists alike, pray it is not so. The sight of my honking fat ass in spandex should only ever serve as punishment A Clockwork Orange-style for those who have really, really, really, really wronged society.

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