I shot these yesterday, expecting to shoot some more today, but we just rode all day, so there arent many shots of the new jump. Here are a couple cool ones though.

First, a sequence of the new doubles. Thanks to Dhracer1067 for doing the sequence for my photoshop illiterate ass. Its a little messy, but it shows whats going on.

New berm at the jumps.

New double, third in one line.

The other jump, Its just a nice little kicker to tranny to get speed for the double across the trail. I dont like this shot, but it shows the jump well. James looks funny in this one.

Double across the approach of another double.

At the trail, this is the starting line. The new flash works good in the woods.

In the creek line at the trail.

Thats all for now, we are going up to pisgah tomorrow for some good DH stuff, so I may have pictures then. I also may shoot at these jumps sunday.