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    Sacrificing Body for Bike

    We all love our bikes, we put time and money into them, we spend hours upon them. When we crash, one of the first things we think about is the bike, in fact I take that as a sign that the rider is ok.

    But everyonce and a while you have to make a desicion, or maybe its unknowingly done, that puts your body into harms way in order to save our precious bikes from harm.

    Case in point, I recently was taking my friends bike out of the trunk of the car, as I lifted it into the air by the seatpost, the release gave way and the frame dropped towards the ground. Without thinking I grabbed at the bottom of the bike and saved it from hitting concrete. However, I now have puncture marks in my palm from the chainring.

    You see what I'm getting at, I just wanted to throw this out there and see what other stories some may have.

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    I've gone down in a corner on the road, lost adhesion completely because of my entry speed into the corner, and had the choice of holding onto the bike and taking the damage to my body, or throwing it away and rolling to minimise the damage to me.

    I take all the damage.... every time..

    Strange, isn't it..

    I guess its because .................................................. ........ I love "her".


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    What good is the body without a bike ?

    No, I think it's something we do unconciously. When we fall and hurt ourselves rather than the bike, we aren't thinking and analyising, well, if I fall this way, I won't hurt myself but the bike will suffer, but if I do it this way, the bike will be broken, but, well, maybe I can compromise and.... I don't think on most crashes we really think what we are doing, we just... fall.

    Sometimes we crash because a split second decision to stop a potential fall. I was on this rock garden in a downhill, I saw a bigger rock in my path, I panicked and tried to turn left, but that just made me hit the rock with the side of the wheel, bending my wheel. If I just would have hold on, I think I would have been OK.

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    I've done this numerous times....aka staying clipped in rather than throwing myself off my bike, even those it is pretty bad/old/ugly/not good.

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    lol my body will heal, but my broken FORKS or RIMS wtf put ur body on the line for the most part it will heal.......

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    I had a friend tell a good story about something of the sort:

    One of his buddies took a large 10 foot road gap and cased the landing hard. He rolled, tumbled and ended up laying motionless in a heap on the ground. By the time they all ran over to him, he stood up and with glazed over eyes said, "How's the bike?" and promptly fell back to the ground. I guess he was out for 10 minutes and doesn't remember a thing.


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    I can add to that one..

    When I was a young kid, I used to double my mate from school to home on my bike.

    He would sit on the seat and pedal, I would perch on the crossbar and steer and brake.

    No helmets in those days, we just wore caps.

    Well, one afternoon on the way home to his house, we went flying down the hill from school like always, and I attempted to take the corner at the bottom without using the brakes.

    We would have made it too, except that a car poked it's nose out of the street just as I was peeling off to take the fast line into the corner.

    I had to change our line mid-corner. Consequently, we lost it. The bike front wheel hit the gutter, and I was catapulted straight into an ivy-covered concrete fencepost head first.

    I found out from my mate, who incidently wasn't hurt much as he used me as a cushion to soften his landing, that I was knocked out by the impact.

    He told me that at first, I was really still and he thought that I was dead, then I started to shake a bit, then my torso started to move in a very suggestive manner...

    As it turns out, I was in ga-ga land, making love to this young hottie chick that I admired at my school.

    I eventually was woken up by my mate slapping my face and saying: "Wake up, the ambulance is coming".

    I jumped up, very disappointed that it had been a dream about the girl, and asked about my bike...which had a buckled front rim... so we limped off down the road before the ambo arrived.

    It's funny what you think about when you are knocked out.

    I blame that whack to my head for all the subsequent crazy things that I did as I was growing up... lol..


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