• 01-26-2013
    Hmm, this has become an argument about the bay area for some reason.

    Anywho, I might be moving to Greensboro NC in a couple of months (for work). I would still plan on going to both Sacramento (area) and Olympia as each job location opens. This would be a great way for me to experience lots of different places and ride trails I might not otherwise get a chance to. Greensboro isn't a world class mountain biking zone by any stretch, but they do have a nice urban trail system in town and lots of other great riding around the state and surrounding states that are close enough to drive to on weekends.

    Anything is better than Texas.
  • 01-26-2013

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    You said truckee was 3.5hrs, not Squaw. Last I checked, that's down the road some still. Not to mention parking, getting tix, etc. Come on, I realize you like hitting the mountains, and it's great that California has the coast and mountains, but you also live in the bay area, that's reality. 4hrs is probably a better estimate if 3.5hrs is Truckee. Lets not forget traffic, you are heading up when everyone else is.

    I did say if I left at 0200, that would be 3.5 to squaw. The traffic and time it takes to get to squaw from truckee has nothing to do with traffic in the bay area. I can be on a chair in sugar bowl in 3.5 hours too, and I love that mountain.
  • 01-26-2013
    Davey Simon
    Yo. I have been a Nor Cal resident my whole life. Long time committed MTBer. The riding is pretty good. Your winter options would maybe be a bit better than PNW. Summer PNW rules on Nor Cal. I've been building the first flow trail in the Bay Area. It has opened my eyes to how difficult this is to do in Cali. The opportunities for better trails in the PNW abound. Auburn would be a great choice IMHO. Sac not so much.

    Tamaracho flow trail is the name on MTBR and Facebook. DaveySimon is my handle on MTBR.
  • 01-26-2013
    Thanks for building the flow trail, can't wait to ride it!

    Stay vertical!
  • 01-27-2013
    Davey Simon
    Dang tapatalk, I thought this thread was on an aviation forum. LOL. Too many forums...