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    Road rash (lack of) passion

    I originally wasn't going to post a ride report about this ride, but after posting in the picture thread I received a few requests on what happened.
    I'm not that cool with what happened on this ride or about posting it, as an error in my judgement ended up with one rider unconscious and another staying overnight in hospital, that is something that hurts more the pain Im currently in. Both the others are at home now, and actually in better shape than me, thank god.

    Saturday my wife and I went on a bike tour with 14 others from our club in the Toggenburg (a mountain region in Switzerland), the weather was beautiful, ~24C, and the views were outstanding.

    My wife & Micky (who later spent the night in hospital)

    It was supposed to be 60kms and 2000 elevation metres, unfortunately for 3 of us it ended at 20kms, at about 49kmh (according to Strava) on the tarmac.

    I was attempting to overtake two others when Micky and I got our bars hooked (the exact details are a bit vague, but I was coming faster from behind, therefore I messed it up), we subsequently then got Susanne tangled as well. From the marks on the road, I slid/tumbled about 25 metres, Micky left the road and ended up in the field, Susanne used her head as a brake, she was unconscious when I got to her, her helmet pretty much broke in half, she luckilly didnt slide much on tar. Micky spent Saturday night in hospital due to blood swelling in his upper thigh like crazy, he has 5 stitches in his elbow, he went home Sunday afternoon. I had x-rays on my wrist and ribs, 1 fractured rib and luckily only a sprained and swollen wrist. Road rash got me the worst, luckily I had a backpack on which is also ground away, my left shoulder is just three big scabs, my arms are no better, or one of my knees.

    Taken at the doctors:

    Finally at home:

    The three of us after the docs were finished:
    Ironically here we all felt pretty good (must have been the adrenalin), didnt take long until reality set in.

    The bikes, Susannes is fine, we believe my bike was tangled in Micky's for the slide but was on top of his, mine will possibly need a new front wheel, and a new rear axle (the lever is ground away), handle bar is bent, and seat is ripped the rest of the damage is cosmetic. Mickys bike is stuffed, fork was ground open (oil leaked out), both brake master cylinders ground open (oil leaked out of both), front wheel broken, front brake disc broken, more I don't know at this stage.

    Yesterday I soaked for an hour in the bath, which was hell, to remove my bandages, the results aren't too pretty. These are the worst grazes I have (below), my right elbow, shoulder & knee and left ankle are also affected.

    The guilt I currently feel is terrible, and I have visited both the others who assure me not to worry and these things happen,
    but ............these things dont happen when you wait.
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    Sad to see a bad end to a beautiful day in a beautiful place. Live and learn. Your friends are OK. That's the main thing. Consequences have to be learned for most to understand them. Make sure you all keep riding together and stick to singletrack.

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    Thanks for posting!

    I'm all for posting about mistakes and incidents. Smart people learn from their mistakes. It is even better if you can learn from other people's mistakes.

    "it IS possible that you are faster or slower than anybody else who is having at least as much if not more or less fun"

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    Re: Road rash (lack of) passion

    Well written, and very refreshing to read a post by one that accepts responsibility to own a mistake. Although tattered & sore, all are smiling/laughing, and will certainly forgive the error.

    (by phone)

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    Your bodies will heal and I wish everyone a speedy recovery and return to riding.

    Yesterday at the dh bike park, a young guy was riding with a huge rip down the side of his shirt. I asked him what happened... I was expecting him to say he crashed on a steep gnarly section, or doing a big drop.... nope.... he knocked handlebars while chatting with his friend riding along the ridge road to the trailhead. He crashed hard, his friend didn't. He ended up with a nasty gash extending from his armpit to his waist and a torn shirt.

    Sometimes you end up walking/riding away unscathed... sometimes not.
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    Sorry to hear of your injuries and wish all a speedy recovery.

    I know the pain to some extent at least.

    Of all of my exfoliation events, the most frustrating was when I kept bashing the same spot on my right side. First time was a week before a 9-hour endurance race, then on race day I hit it again. A couple of weeks later I laid road rash on top (crushed my helmet on this one!) and on my forearm too. I took a spill on a moss covered path a week later and finally, during the following week- a car stopped in front of me and I had an SPD moment and fell over onto the same spot!

    Here's some artwork: from the second calamity post race day and when I laid the road rash on top (after this it took months to heal). I was traumatized on MTB rides for a while... telling myself: don't do it AGAIN

    Road rash (lack of) passion-gushe.jpg

    Road rash (lack of) passion-screen-shot-2013-06-10-10-jun-7.36.40-am.jpg

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    It's good to give the rest of us an opportunity to learn from your experience. You can tell a lot about a person by how he/she apologizes. Your "I'm sorry, it was my fault" approach combined with your obvious regret is refreshing.

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    Re: Road rash (lack of) passion

    And it gets worse;

    Went to my doc to get the wounds redressed, man that was awesome (not), he saw how swollen my wrist is, and blue, he xrayed it and gave me the great news that its broken, first doc missed it ?????????.

    Ive been training the last 4 months for a race in 3 weeks, l now cant do it, cant wait for the next bit of news......
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    thanks for post this... i am sure it was not easy!

    i am happy to hear you all are well.

    you all have one hell of a story now and your friendship will only grow stronger!


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    I also think its refreshing for someone to accept total responsibility as you have done. I'm sure it's tough to post about and you get plus rep for doing so. Mountain biking can be dangerous. Glad you guys are ok. Hope you heal quickly and move on from this. Thanks for posting.

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    I'm sorry if I egged you on in the "One picture, one line..." thread. But, I knew something substantial had to happen. I was expecting to hear there was a car involved.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing. You have seemingly beat yourself up over this. It sounds like your friend and wife are more prepared to forgive you than you are.

    I wish you all a speedy recovery. Tend to the wounds so you don't make them worse.

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    Re: Road rash (lack of) passion

    Just to possibly clear something up, my wife was not involved in the crash.

    You didnt egg me on, well actually you did, but it was worth it. If it makes someone else think twice, it was definately worth it.
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    ^^^ you have my deepest respect. Thanks for the report. I hope you and your friends make a speedy recovery... (and maybe ride less on tarmac in future?)

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    CMG, any one of us could place ourselves in your shoes at one time or another. It's just part of living life to it's fullest. Thanks for sharing, and I hope everyone has a speedy recovery.

    And next time, when you go for the pass on your friends, take a wider berth...more beer, less bandages! -Cheers-
    The older I get, the faster I was.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghglenn View Post
    CMG, any one of us could place ourselves in your shoes at one time or another. ...
    Right on!

    Everyone heal well and ride safely.

    It's never easier - you just go faster.

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    Plaster was removed today, news isnt as good as I'd hoped, even the Doc seemed disappointed, I now have a brace for another 2 weeks
    At least I can take it off when I shower , it also means Im off the bike at least 2 more weeks.

    The other two are doing well, Micky's bike was written off (I claimed all on my insurance) and he has a new (secondhand) Carbon Fuel Ex, and he's pretty happy with it, Sussanne's bike was fine and she left today for a 7 day Alp crossing, although she is a little worried about fitness now.

    My bike is still in the garage untouched, hoping this weekend to get it to a bike shop, no insurance for me, they only fix the stuff belonging to others that I break.
    always mad and usually drunk......

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