All summer I've been storing my motorcycle indoors at my work as I don't have an easy to access sheltered place to store it at home. Any time I've felt like riding it I would drive to my work (four miles) and hop on. Well sadly motorcycle season and mountain bike season are coming to an end for me here in VT. Today I rode my motorcycle home to put it into storage for the winter. One issue with this though, now my truck was at work.

What would any sane cyclist do? Ride the four miles of pavement on my mountain bike of course. It's mostly down hill or flat but boy did I feel like I was going slow. I ride a hardtail 29er, 2X9, with rampages front and rear. I spun out in no time, but as soon as I let off pedaling I would slow right down. I even pumped my tires up to 30lbs and locked out my fork, but still slow slow slow and buzz buzz buzz. it really made me realize how specialized my bike has become, it just isn't a pavement friendly animal. It also confirmed my suspicions that I would constantly be paranoid while riding on the road. I did jump a curb though, had to make my poor bike feel like it was being used.