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Thread: Riding Solo

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    I love riding solo but after a few recent crashes, my GF would rather have me riding with a friend.

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    Re: Riding Solo

    Quote Originally Posted by masterofnone View Post
    This^^^ To me a frozen winter night ride is the ultimate solo ride, seeing my foggy breath in my lights, the biting wind on my face. There are no sounds other than fat tires crunching on snow echoing in the woods, and the occasional scurrying noise and wondering if I should I be scared of it. I ride up and over lumps hidden under the snow, up and down slippery hills, sometimes my tires sliding in different directions, exercising minute movements to maintain balance. I see in tunnel vision, being able to see only what's exposed in two beams of light, frequently pointed at opposed angles like two light sabers in mid fight, everything off to my sides and behind me in spooky darkness. I turn off my lights for a short rest and feel total isolation and exposure, even though I may only be a mile or so from rural civilization, wondering what critters may be watching me from a distance in the blackness.
    I got to experience the solo winter night ride a lot this past winter and loved it. I almost could have written your description word for word. I use to be a 80 - 20 solo vs with someone rider but I've made some great friends over the past few years and it's probably 50 -50 now. Time/schedules are the biggest factors.

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