My buddy just had his 50th B-day at Ray's Indoor MTB park. I've been riding with him and many of his friends all over OH, PA, NY, and GA for at least 8 yrs.

The gang trickled in and exchanged pleasantries but pretty much got straight to riding while some non-riders set up the food and drinks.

Now, while we are not the Red Bull crowd (I am pretty sure there is no one in the group under age 35) we all rode with an unusually laid back, almost palpably cautious vibe and here's why:

Riding Season!

This is the last week of Ray's indoor season before he closes for the Summer and re-configures a bunch of stuff, but despite this no one was taking "just one more pass" or saying "Hey, watch this."

Riding Season!

Everyone had that superstitious feeling that despite all the good riding we were doing (good speed, good balance, good corners), no one wanted to tease the bike gods. A crash last night might mean tossing out the whole upcoming outdoor season and all the off-season preparation that was just coming to an end. Can't have that! There are too many rides, trips, races, camps, and destinations just around the corner. Don't mess it up now.

As the season goes on, I will throw myself at the trail harder and harder, but I'd like to stay on the bike.

Anyone else a little gun shy?