Sometimes I get honked at , but sometimes ...

I was on the way to the trailhead, its a 15 km ride on road. On this road there is a decent hill, about 100m elevation for a 1.4 km stretch that I always climb. So I reach the top and start to get much speed on the other side downhill section. I first pass 2 guys walking their DH bike uphill all geared up with fullface helms. We exchange thumbs up. Nice.

But at mid-section there is another road who join the one I'm on, sort of a Y strech of road .So I see this car, at the stop sign. I have priority and I know he saw me so he let me pass (thanks!). At this time I'm like at the max speed I can get. I then hear the car behind me, it does not pass he seems to follow me in my blind spot. I'm starting to think "ok now what's up ... " But then the car accelerate and gets beside me . The passenger opens his windows and start to yell "Yo dude you're doing like 50 kph, you rock!" With big smiles and thumbs up. I grin and throw the peace sign as I reach the green light and make a turn right. Turns out they were checking how fast I was and surely got a kick out of it! Anyway. it made my day.

Sometimes the spirit is raised on the trails but sometimes its the road

And for the record, my speedo and strava both showed 54 kph max speed ... But I forgive them