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    Put my bikes in the utility shed yesterday

    They were predicting three feet of snow for today. They lied. I had my bikes under an overhang up by the pool, since they called for 30mph winds, I figured they might get buried.

    I think that this was a bad thing for me because I rode my stepdaughters 24" Pacific Wanderer down to the shed.

    This morning I dreamt that I got my $4k dream bike. I was riding down E Main st in Torrington and the handlebar bolt came loose(I think these went out in the 70's). The handlebars and fork turned backwards, I remember this making it very hard to try to shift. The next thing I knew I was near a pond on my fathers farm, in the mud going on a slight incline. I was going to get off and walk, but I remembered that I still had not tried to shift this bike. I very gently tried to get it from high down to the lowest gear, but I twisted up the rear derailleur and broke the chain. I went to my LBS and asked them if the chain was on warranty since I only rode the bike once, and they laughed at me. At this point my rear cluster was completely rusted and the rim was bent so badly it was rubbing on the frame. I did see a pretty cool bike though, a bike with a rear fat tire and a small front tire(a budget fat bike). I seem to remember that they were starting to put a $1000 light on my bike but I stopped them.

    Something tells me I should stop thinking about bikes day and night.

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    Mr. Bill

    You're weird.......Go with it.
    How can anyone who's been riding as long as I have, be so slow???

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    Embrace weirdness
    A bad day of cycling is better than a good day at work

    Work Truck - Dassault Falcon 7X

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    Mr Bill, I want some...please share.

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