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Thread: PNW Road Trip

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    PNW Road Trip

    Iíve always liked the road trip post on mtbr (if not all out jealous of them).

    After about 20 years of wishing to take a longer trip, in about two weeks I am finally doing a full 3 week road trip.

    Itís not going to be a full blown mountain bike trip but I defiantly have a few spots picked out! With the highlight being 3 days in Whistler!!

    Iím not going to ask for trail advice but if you see something I shouldnít miss or something that might not be easily found on the web PLEASE let me know.

    Hopefully I follow up with some cool pics.

    The plan;
    PNW Road Trip-9028603742_758d3f74c5_z.jpg

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    It depends on the type of riding you want to do. Judging by your bike I am guessing you are in search of some flow. I am in Spokane, WA. If you want to do some awesome intermediate, downhill singletrack for about 3000 vertical ft and then get beers at the bottom and shuttle back up, Mt Spokane is a great place to go. Hit me up if you come to spokane!

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    Re: PNW Road Trip

    I would say you're missing out on most of oregons best trails going up the coast like that.

    If you HAVE to go up the coast I would at least start heading back to I5 around Salem and stop by Blackrock. Also about 30-40 minutes west of Portland is a lot of trails. Stubbs and Scappoose come to mind.

    East of Portland there's a ton of awesome trails as well like Sandy ridge and post canyon.

    Sounds like a great time either way.

    If you go straight up through Oregon on I5 stop in Ashland first. Then head east from Eugene and hit up Oakridge and then Bend's Phils trail. Move north on 97 towards sandy ridge or keep going to hood river.... That's probably the best route through Oregon.

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    Like moefosho said, let us know what kind of riding you're looking for since that completely changes the "can't miss" spots. And also let us know what other non-bike stuff you might be interested in seeing. You're not going to have time for all the must do spots on a trip of that length in just 3 weeks, especially mixing bike and non-bike activities.

    Without knowing what you have in mind for the stops you marked off, here are a few thoughts on how to make your route better:

    From D, I would split east off 395 N of Spokane and head up to BC at Rossland. Or, from Spokane go up 2 to 20 to 31 and then to Nelson BC if you have time. Nelson is a must do if you are into freeride/DH. There is good riding for all types in both Rossland and Nelson. They are scenic, have a cool vibe, and are a very worthy stop. Seven Summits trail near Rossland is an IMBA epic. Point E looks like a stop in Princeton. I would skip that. If you want to split up the drive there stop at Manning Park just a bit west. No bikes but it has some great hiking.

    Or better yet, turn north before getting to Princeton and head up through the Okanagan valley via Penticton and Kelowna. Then connect to Whistler via Hwy 99 at Lillooet rather than the route you've mapped from E to F (this stretch sucks - busy freeway, urban sprawl, not much of interest to see). If you do elect to go through the Okanagan there are nice lakes, good riding, a couple great bike parks (Silver Star & Sun Peaks) and it is BC's wine country if you are into that sort of thing. You would have two route options: 1) head north through Vernon to Kamloops to Lillooet or 2) from Kelowna and cross over to Merritt and then to Lillooet on Hwy 8. From Lillooet to Whistler on Hwy 99 you pass by the Chilcotin range which is incredible. Tyax Air TYAX Wilderness Resort & Spa can fly you by float plane into a remote lake and then you ride back out to your car. Truly beautiful terrain that would all be in designated Wilderness if it were in the US. I would put this pretty close to "must do". Great hiking too.

    From I to J the drive is going to take a lot longer than you realize - slow, twisty roads. My suggestion would be take I-5 south from Portland and cross to the coast at Grants Pass. If you want to get a ride in along I-5, Black Rock is a must do free-ride spot. Or hit the Mackenzie River trail or a segment of North Umpqua Trail (map The North Umpqua Trail - Welcome!), both are amazingly scenic. Hitting up the Ashland SuperD in Ashland is a must - 5,000ft of buff singletrack descent in 12miles Ashland Mountain Adventures.

    If you want to check out the redwoods and the coast cross from Grants Pass to Crescent City and then go south. Its similar enough to the OR coast but has the biggest redwood groves. Stay on the scenic routes where possible instead of Hwy 101. Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park/Redwood National Forest has some bike-legal trail in a 20mi loop heading down Ossagon Tr to the beach, along the beach past a herd of elk, and back on the park road. Worth doing for sure. Another park worth checking out is Humboldt Redwoods State Park. If you are still heading south at this point then you are near to the Paradise Royale trail between Redway on Hwy 101 and Shelter Cove. This area is known as the Lost Coast and is pretty amazing, well worth a visit for either the bike ride or the scenery. The whole drive down through coastal NorCal is awesome. Like the OR coast drive it will take some time, but is very worth it. You can cross back and pick up the Hwy to Reno/Tahoe a ways south to the Bay Area.

    Have fun!

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    Guys... Thanks for all the great info! I think we have enough flexibility that we can make a few changes. Any cool two lane road will be better than urban sprawl, even thought we plan to do some more urban stuff on the trip also.
    I always think my friends are crazy when they plan a week or so trip and they want to hit ever spot in CO, and UT. So Iím hoping Iím not doing the same thing but it kind of looks like I might be.
    This is a family trip so my wife and two girls (14, 11) will be with me. So we have a few things planed in more of the interest but if there is something that they shouldnít miss let me know.
    As far as kind of riding Iím pretty open, full on BC, DH is probably out, accepted Iíll plan on renting a DH bike in Whistler. 6 hour CC leg burners are not really my thing, 5000í of vert on some fast trail with some tecky bits is more my thing. These kinds of trips I try not to be too picky about what I ride and just have fun. Ideal I would love to see, and ride the contrast between the PNW trails and what we have in CO, and UT.
    Man I thought I had a lot more cool pic of me riding but maybe notÖ this is all I found;
    PNW Road Trip-6355222275_e00158b98f_b.jpg

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    If you want a quick place to stop that has good biking then you should hit up Duthie hill in Issaquah Wa. There is a large assortment of trails for every skill level. Another place you should check out is Galbraith in Bellingham Wa. You have to climb about an hour on fire roads but it is worth it. There are quite a few good trails up there.

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    I'd second the duthie/galbraith thing, and add Post Canyon and Blackrock in Or. Post canyon's about an hour east of portland. beautiful part of the country. blackrock is outside of salem (maybe an hour?? i can't really remember) but it has some pretty amazing terrain.

    Have fun. I'm always envious of the road trip threads too.

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    It's been fun 1 week done

    It's been a great time so far... more info on my blog if interested
    PNW Road Trip-9236071800_5120d5fcb9_z.jpg

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    Hard to believe itís over! But had a great time

    A 3 day in Whistler and one DH run with my youngest had to be high light bike wise.

    But all in all a good time and nice to beat the Grand Junction heat.

    PNW Road Trip-9343811681_cc9cfacb06_b.jpg
    PNW Road Trip-9346617182_030f161e44_b.jpg
    PNW Road Trip-9343811647_85e384a292_b.jpg

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    So what did you ride? What would you skip next time, and what do you wish you had hit?

    After the fact, but my must-rides on that loop would have included the following:

    1) Mt. Ashland (Oregon)
    2) McKenzie River Trail (Oregon)
    3) Black Rock (Oregon)
    4) Sandy Ridge (Oregon)
    5) Wasatch Crest Trail (SLC, Utah)
    6) Porcupine Rim/ Whole Enchilada (Moab)

    Hope you had a great trip.
    '11 Specialized Enduro Expert for the trails
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    Letís seeÖ the major stuff would be;

    I did a pretty long loop from town in Ketchum, Bald Mt area I think.
    PNW Road Trip-9220700634_3b1738b087_c.jpg
    A lot of the stuff around and in the bike park in Whistler.
    PNW Road Trip-9233292179_e28bf7d4bc_z.jpg
    Some stuff in Northern Cal around Red Woods NP. I donít remember the names but one trail was really cool with red woods on one side and the ocean on the other.
    PNW Road Trip-9333516665_dc3a15cb1c_c.jpg
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