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Thread: The Pill?

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    The Pill?

    Does anybody know which works better to prevent cramping? Sportlegs VS Endurolytes VS Saltsticks. Or any other brand?

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    Re: The Pill?

    Drink more water and take electrolytes.

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    NUUN All Day Hydration on days you don't ride.
    NUUN Active Hydration when you do ride.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rayzer View Post
    Does anybody know which works better to prevent cramping? Sportlegs VS Endurolytes VS Saltsticks. Or any other brand?
    Nuun in my Camelbak with 2 sugar cubes works good. If you are still getting them, try Rolaids with magnesium.

    I think the one thing you definitely need to make sure you are doing is hydrating the night before and in the morning before you ride, on top of what you put in your Camelbak or water bottle. Also, increasing how often and hard you ride is important as well.

    If you are a weekend warrior who rides hard once or twice on the weekend, I would expect to cramp. If you ride hard 4 to 5 times a week, your muscles will eventually stop cramping.

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    The Pill?

    Any electrolyte product works better than none. Don't overthink it. Try one. If you don't like it, try another. Continue until you find one that makes you happy with its performance and delivery.

    I have been using vitalyte for years (when it was hydralyte and even ****inade). I have used nuun some recently and it works for me, too. I am not too picky as long as the product contains sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

    I am considering switching to one of the Hammer products that also has some carbs in it to stave off the bonk

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    Quote Originally Posted by brainwashedmc View Post
    Drink more water and take electrolytes.
    Yep, doesn't need to be any more complicated than that.

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    Tostitos [white corn, not that shite lime stuff] and beer. Oh, and charp cheddar kicks ass too. I also like Coca-Cola. Double dose of cobalt, some calcium and lanthunum. Bam! Add fresh lime juice for vitamin C.

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    I've had very good results with Sportlegs. I've even had to use them as cramps started and then recovered.

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    When spring rolls around, I have to shift to decaf (or half decaf, anyway) coffee. It allows me to become and stay more hydrated and has made a significant difference in my riding. The longer the ride, the more difference it seems to make. On really long rides, I'll take a 10 oz or so nalgene, put an inch or so of water in it and freeze it overnight, put cold V8 juice in it and 2 hours into a long ride drink it down. Very refreshing! Otherwise, I run half strength Cytomax and it works well for me. I live at high altitude (7000 feet) and go on long rides in hot dry weather, so it's not unusual to go through a 100 oz camelback and come home 2 pounds lighter.

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