Ok, so I'll start by acknowledging that there is a trail advocacy forum and many would say this post would belong there but I have put it here, and asking the mods to leave it here, because I am passionate about riding my bike in the bush, hope many of you are the same, and am desperate for help from like minded people. That and we all know that passion threads get way more views than the trail forum does. Mods, please be lenient on this one.

In short, mountain biking in Sydney, Australia sucks and I need your help to change that. In the last ten years we have had more trails closed than opened. Of the 5 official trails I can think that have been openned in the Sydney Basin, one of them is a glorified kiddy scooter park and two of the others are under 3km in length and have no officially approved trail network to link them. We need help sending a message to the dinosaurs that make official decisions that mountain biking matters and when official trails are done properly they are well patronised and greatly appreciated.

Two simple clicks of your mouse is all it will take to help us. That's right, just two clicks of your mouse will vote for Wylde MTB park in the Premier's People's Choice Awards. No better way to send a message to the Premier that supporting MTB is a vote winner. Please click on the below link and then click the dot next to Wylde Mountain Bike trail. You can vote as many times as you like but you will need to close and reopen your browser to do it.

c'mon people we need your help, just 2 clicks will make the difference. We can't be beaten by a seawall

Premier's People's Choice Awards

Please spread the word to all of your mates and thanks for your help.