...I encountered this story while looking up the particular brand/style of motorcycle that one of the salesmen I just met in my fave computer store just bought. His name is Nick, and he's really into street bikes, dyno racing, and a cool guy to talk to. This is actually just a piece of the story, from a search on the type of tires, or tyres as the Brits would say, equiped on the bike.

The Blowout Story (skip if you hate motorcycle road stories)
When my tire blew, I was on the road in California. The tire was completely wasted, sidewall gone, no chance of repair. It was in Sonoma, on the way to Yosemite, on a Saturday Afternoon. There was one MC shop within 120 mile radius, in Sonoma, which wasn't going to be open till Tuesday. A nice old man drove me around (with my back rim in the back of his pickup) for quite a while looking for shops. I even called the owner of "Joe Birds Honda" in Sonoma to see if he would open up his shop and come in just for a few minutes and sell me a tire. He wouldn't do it. So what I did was to hop Joe Birds Honda's fence, and fish in his trash for any tire that would fit and maybe hold air. This course of action was actually suggested to me by two local policeman who seemed concerned (unbelievable!), and were quite amused in watching me hop the fence and fish through Joe Bird's trash. I found two tire candidates, one with a nail in it, and went to a regular car gas station, patched the nailed tire, and mounted it on a rim. It worked well until I reached Las Vegas, where I had a new tire mounted. I left the old tire in the trash at Joe Bird's Honda

BTW, his bike is a Triumph Daytona 955i, I wanted to show a photo of it, but the pic wasn't jpeg and I don't know how to convert.