I posted a month ago about a Downhill I was going to try in North Carolina. It's a secret Jeep trail that drops 3700 feet from top to bottom in about 13 miles. Four friends and I did it last Saturday, and I have to share. The trail needs to stay a secret for Jeeps, because fewer are definitely better... but the biking community needs to know about this one. With more bike use, I think this trail has some potential to rip!

We rode it on medium travel trail bikes and managed to ride about 90%. The areas with really big rocks had to be ridden trials style, but I think a long travel bike could blast through. There was about a mile of climbing throughout the trail and it was very easy. The toughest rocky sections had to be portaged because we didn't have enough slide in our rides. The rock ledges and boulders are very formidable.

Even though it's a Jeep trail, it's beautiful. Parts of it look more like a wide singletrack than a trail used by motorized vehicles. We didn't see another soul all day. There was no motorized traffic, and definitely no bikes as I think we were the first to ever try it.

I would like for some of you to give it a go. Maybe more use would smooth out a line through the really rough sections. I don't think you'll be dissappointed. It took us 2.5 hours to pick our way down the mountain. There is parking at the top and at the bottom so it makes a great shuttle run. If you live near Murphy NC, Sweetwater TN, or Robbinsville NC it's close. It was a 2.5 hour drive for me, but it was worth it. If there is interest, reply to the post and I'll post some directions to the trail and the nearest Pizza Joint. I also have a GPS track of the route we took.

I'm not a big shuttle ride kind of person, but it was definitely a hoot, and a nice change from my normal type of riding..