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    House is in the midst of the Bay Area's best mountain biking and it's paid for. Not selling.

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    It's just one of those days....

    I don't wanna move at least point but I want to be stable enough that I can go on a long vacation and ride many trails etc, see different parts of the world, while they're still different and alive.

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    I frequently feel this way but my career works perfectly for this. The only main issues I've had is that after every ride, something seems to break on the ride.

    Had an old chain that snapped, after I had a new one installed, it snapped on the first hill I hit so the shop replaced it free of charge and after this last ride, I sliced my front tire on a rock.

    All old parts and needed replacing but hopefully the trend wont continue

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    Gotta say though that sort of faking my own death, I love being a teacher here on the east coast with three prime riding months completely free of any work aside from my home of course.
    Here is the thing about equality, everyone's equal when they're dead. - Gavroche, Les Misérables

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