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    This place needs an enema
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    Inspiration lies thereabouts.

    In the smile of a dog, reflected leaves in a rippled pool, the twinkle of a lover's eye.

    In wood on rock, disneyland in the desert, learning to trust the downstream lean.

    In faith in friction, dependence on gravity, trust that rubber will stick to rock.

    In remembrance of puppybreath, light diffused through petals, the scent of rain on a spring sidewalk.

    We don't always know from whence inspiration will come.

    We just know that it does.

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    Steel is real.
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    Great post and incredible pics!

    Here's my crummy, slow-going blog The Slow Spoke if you're interested.

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    All bike, all the time
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    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I'd up yours to 2000...
    All bike, all the time

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    The scent of summer rain on your hot driveway as you put your bike away. Having arrived home seconds before the rain starts

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    So Stoked!
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    Beautiful scenery
    F*ck Cancer

    Eat your veggies

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    Inspiration from watching others find theirs!
    From the wind rushing over you on a ride
    The ache in the body after a hard ride
    From reaching an arrival point on a ride that was unreachable before
    Iv'e Got sXe!!!!

    Old Guy trying to ride singletrack....

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