View Poll Results: if you work alot and have a family, how many days a week do you ride?

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    I work in restaurants so my hours are 70-80 a week without fail. My two days off are spent with my non-riding daughter when I pick her up from her mother's place. Now that she is back in school, my riding will go up from zero days a week with an occasional night ride when I'm not exhausted to twice a week since my days off are during the school week.

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    I work 45-60 hours a week, I have a Wife, and a 4 month old Son. I only get to ride one day a week if I'm lucky. Usually I will ride Saturday morning starting around 4:30-5:00 am, and usually home by 9:00 am. I go early so I can be home shortly after my Wife and Son get up. That way my Wife can go to the gym and I can watch my Son as well.

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    Married, 2 small kids (1.5 and 3.5) and I have my regular 'day job' plus I do side work for extra $$/building a consulting practice.

    I usually get 3 rides a week in the 2-3 hour range + 3 weight training sessions. I'm not a 9-5er though. I usually get up at 5-6am and do work, then help with kids till the wifey wakes up. Sometimes I'll then head out for a ride, sometimes I have meetings or work that needs to be done so I won't get out till later. Generally I do more work in the afternoon or even late if I have to.

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    I try to do at least one mid-week evening ride and a longer Saturday ride. I live two miles from work and commute by bike a lot. In the summer I work 4-10s with Fridays off so I'm able to get more riding time in.

    Two kids and a stay-at-home wife. Sure she could work or we could move to the "big city" and make more money and have a longer commute, but we're happy with our current situation.

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    We have 3 kids who are already on grade school, so we are not afraid to leave them alone knowing that they can handle and take good care of their-selves. So my husband and I go for ride every afternoon after work. But during weekends we encourage our children to join us on our ride. It's like a family bonding you know.

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    1 6yo kiddo (girl), wife and I both work 50-60 hour weeks regularly. I feel like I get 2 rides a week in, but work and business travel means that I can be off the bike for a week or two at a time, so it's really a true average of 1x a week. My wife and daughter have started riding, so easier rides have become more of a family adventure that is quite nice. Though I do wish I worked less and had more time for riding and other things. But there are bills to pay and investments to make. Hopefully will ease up in a few years.

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    I work full time, Mon-Fri, usually 9 hour days. In May we had our first child. For the past few years I've ridden to work a little bit, but this year I started to much more. That allows me to exercise and bike and only spend a minimal amount of extra time. My commute would usually be 20 minutes to work and 30 minutes home. I usually get up 45 minutes early and ride anywhere from 10-20 miles on my way to work since my wife and son are typically still in bed, then 10 on the way home (shortest safe route). I get home about 20 minutes later than I would if I drove, but for 1.5-2 hours of exercise, that's pretty damn good. I usually do 1 recreational ride a week, whether it be, road, mountain or CX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emeritus View Post
    7 year old and 11 year old

    Once a week after work, once during the weekend

    Having an exercise bike at home to ride at night to pick up a 3rd or 4th weekly simulated ride or for bad weather is a huge benefit you might want to consider.
    This is what I've had to resort to - Using my exercise bike during the weekdays right when i wake up and then my trail ride just once a week on the weekend.

    Excercise bike sucks and it's boring. But i've been pretty happy with it's ability to keep my cardio stable

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    I work a (space needed here) lot and have half time custody of a 13 year old. I'm lucky he has embraced my passion and is charging (this is him hitting the 8'out 8' down ladder drop in the new local bike park for the first time on a borrowed hard tail sans pads) I get 2-3 rides/week.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails if you work alot and have a family, how many days a week do you ride?-dylladderdrop.jpg  

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    Can't help it..

    if you work alot and have a family, how many days a week do you ride?-alot.png
    I drive more when the streets need repairs!

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    Fiancee and 2 cats, all the family I need.

    I do weights 2-3 days a week, road biking 2-3 days a week, and mountain bike 1-2 days a week (closest trails are 45 mins away and I hate driving). Being active is great.

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