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    I know bike foo!

    I have not been around here for a couple years. I've been training.

    See, I met this guy. Some people talk about zen and mountain biking, but this guy LIVES it. He has the aura of having taken those perfectly centered zen riding moments and expanded them to a 24-7 experience.

    I immediately became his disciple.

    Now, as any of the old timers who have ridden with me can attest, I am genetically designed to be a cross country rider. One look at me will tell you that. But after 2 years, I have learned a few things. I come here in the spirit of sharing some of what I have learned. As always, I seek no conflict with anyone.

    I started pretty conventional training, but also a bunch of martial arts stuff. 8-12 hours a day. It worked. I weigh less now than in high school. I can straighten a tacoed wheel with a cobra fist strike. But the body training is easy, it just takes time. The mind is the problem.

    One must be mindless, that way the future unfolds without effort.

    But, how the heck do you make THAT happen? It ain't easy.

    One day I was asking Sensei about riding. I described a section of trail that always put me "in the groove". Always. I asked him "Why does this section with its curves and dips allow me a glimpse of enlightenment? No other sections of trail do that every time, but any section of trail can do it sometime. Should I go study that trail section?"

    Sensei replied, "You need to start riding through the forest."

    I blinked. This was my moment of enlightenment.

    Now, you might be thinking "what kind of zen koan bushwah is that?" Well, this conversation was at the END of my training. My lesson is not your lesson. But I can try to put part of it in words.

    When Sensei said ride through the forest, he meant exactly that. I had been riding the TRAIL. I needed to be riding in the FOREST.

    After my enlightenment, I went to the forest and pointed my bike into it. I started riding. It was a lot like a kung fu movie, where the disciple finally catches on to the drunking monkey form.

    So endeth the lesson. And so ends my time on passion. Others have said it before, and so I now add my name to the list of those heartfelt partings. With thanks, and best wishes, I bid you all...

    Goodbye, passion!
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    You'll be back...'cause this IS the forest...

    Have fun and let us know whether to grease our spindles or not...


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    Would that be Sensei-milia? nm.

    no message

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    Coolest Post ever.
    I really identify with you...SO MUCH.

    "Feelin stupid? I know I am."
    "You just have to forget everything you know about gravity."
    H. Simpson

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    Absolutely. Thank you, dr hoo, for your insight.

    -aspiring bike fu student

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    I appreciate the sentiments.

    Unless you all are fooling with me for my april fools post that is!

    dr. (anti-XC genes, thrives on conflict, and has no intention of leaving Passion) hoo
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    inspired by Audrey Seiler?

    U. of WI. sophomore fakes own disappearance ... U. of WI. professor fakes volitional and permanent departure from MTBR passion.

    As always, very clever, hoo. You scared me. For a moment, I thought, "Has the tenure-track process finally done in the good dr. hoo's mind?" How's that process going?

    Hope you and Angela are well. Been riding much?

    Hope you have a great weekend, hopefully one of zen-like mtn biking.


    carpe diem while you can ...

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    Sucked me in two days later.. Peace Bro, and How the hell are ya?

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    The tenure thing.

    I'm working on it! I come up in the fall, and things look good. But that means less riding that I would like last year and this. But given that the snow is only a couple of weeks gone here, that's not a worry. We'll get out and start logging some miles pretty soon. This afternoon looks good for a ride in fact. At least on the road

    So things are pretty good, and we plan some mtb trips this year. Fingers crossed, after next year we can REALLY start to ride!
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