It's raining again and instead of getting wet and muddy I am on the couch with a blanket to build mountain bikes in the sky. Found Passion.

This thread. Posting to come back and read the whole thing eventually.

Lots of hurt account here. Sympathy to all. Indomitable peeps too.

Last year I hurt myself riding. I didn't die, but could have. Not spectacular like some of the stories here.

Basically climbing single speed up something I should have walked up since I noted at the start of the section that I should walk but wanted to try anyway, after all - I can just keel over if can't make it - gave it my all and the rear wheel slipped out and started sliding backwards and then the front wheel goes off the edge while i try to fall on the uphill side, but somehow the bike jack knifes and pulls me down and over and my chest is dead center impaled on the handlebar end like I fell off a step ladder onto it.

My heart stopped, the sternum broke and hit my heart with the handlebar end.

I came to after an OBD and couldn't breathe at first. Gathered some pluck and rode 6 miles to a ranger station.

It's just over a year ago now and I am good. Got a good scar and some wire in my chest.

I returned to riding 2 months after the accident. I had the reconstruction surgery a month after the accident. I should have had it right away. The month with the sternum moving around un-fixed was pretty bad.

The way I feel about it: Riding is what I do. If I can ride I will.

We are like that here.

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