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    Old, Slow and now FAT! :)
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    How many bikes in your garage?

    I was just looking around our garage last night and I counted our bikes. We have 8 for a family of 4. I have 2, my wife 1, my daughter has 2 and my son 3. I hope to add to my stock another two over the upcoming months, something along the lines of a Trek Sawyer and a Kona Satori.

    I need to trim the kids bikes somewhat, but I know my garage is nothing compare to some folks. So how many bikes do you have to fuel your addiction, er, passion...?
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    Zero, bikes live in the house. Five for me, two for the lady (with one more soonish). There's one bike I'll probably get rid of soonish but that will be replaced by two more in time.

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    12 between my girlfriend and I. I'm responsible for 75%, but i don't think she knows exactly how many bikes I have. Shhhh.

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    My wife, son, and I a road bike each and a MTB each. DK pump track 24" and a buddies road bike hanging there since summer. And assorted pump track BMX'ers that are left scattered around my shed between rides there.

    I guess 7 permanent with a few transients.Two racing dirt bikes, a trials bike, and a pit bike in the shop.

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    5 mtb's, 2 road bikes, and my Suzuki GSX-R 750...gonna be selling the 3 MTB's soon since we just bought 2 new ones

    Edit: the List

    2012 Trek SuperFly 100 AL Pro 29er
    2006 Trek 6500 disc HT 26
    2011 Trek Madone 5.5 road
    2006 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for draggin my knee

    2012 Trek SuperFly 100 AL Pro 29er
    2006 Trek 6500 disc HT 26
    2001 Specialized HT 26
    2010 Trek Madone 5.2 with XXX Lite wheels road

    up for sale soon trek 6500's MTB's I think as I will most likely never want to ride the 26er again...but you never know...
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    Just 6 for the five of us:

    1) Jamis Ventura (road bike)
    2) Spesh Enduro
    3) Jamis Dakar XLT (trying to decide what to do with it, sell or keep for a spare)
    4) GT Avalanche (wife's bike)
    5) 2 kids 16" bikes

    I'm not a collector, I hate having things sit around that I don't use. Honestly, I can never see myself having a big collection of bikes. The max I ever see myself having is a DH/park bike, either an AM bike or an XC/trail bike, and a good road bike.
    '11 Specialized Enduro Expert for the trails
    '13 Felt Z4 for the road

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    Two. Niner Rip9 and a Redline D440.

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    bust a move
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    I only have 6... "in the garage"

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    Mr. Chaos Theory
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    5 bikes between me and the wife 4 are mine 1 is hers =)

    Pivot Mach 5
    Trek 6000
    Bontrager B29
    Back Yard Custom tall bike (welded at home from 2 mountain bike frames by a friend)

    Trek 800
    WeLcOmE tO tHe CoLlEcTiVe.

    2016 Spec. Fat Boy Trail
    2009 Pivot Mach 5
    Base of Operations NH USA

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    The White Jeff W
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    Hardtail 29er - Mine
    Full Suspension 650B - Mine
    Hardtail 26er - girlfriend's
    No moss...

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    I got nothin'
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    four down from five

    Vassago Jabber SS
    Vassago Bandersnatch (mine, but my girlfriend has adopted it as hers )
    road bike (not important and not ridden much)
    cross bike

    Coming soon...Mach 429, maybe....
    I ride at ludicrous speed

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    A Gentleman and a MTBR'
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    I really try to stick around 2-3, sometimes it may balloon up to 7.... I'm always buying, fixing, selling. Then there's the garage at my mom's house... If frames and wheelsets count I guess 10 or so... My name is Stuart, and I'm an addict.

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    5. only 2 are mine though!
    trying to make it 6 by spring time.

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    5 total, 4 are mine (Full susoension 26, Hardtail 29, road bike and a commuter)

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    wow i only have one bike

    i wander do some of you guys have different bike for every different type of riding you do?

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    Oct 2011
    A very old Trek 6000 hardtail
    A 2006 Trek 6000 hardtail
    A 2012 Trek Fuel EX 8

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    Nov 2011
    7 in the garage.
    3 for me
    Motobecane pro29sl six months old.
    KHS montana summit 20 years old still good shape!
    Raleigh 20 (folding 20 inch, urban bike, single speed from 1970s! good shape!
    1 for wife lady bike hybird
    1 for oldest son GT Avalance(?)26"
    1 for middle son Trek 202 24"
    1 for youngest Iron horse 6 gears FS 20 inch..

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    Des(s)ert Rat
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    21 complete bikes in the garage (one on loan), 4 frames or partial builds, one frame in the house (it's broken and is now art), and three bikes on the back deck. One bike (not in the count) is on a road trip to AZ with my son, and there are four people that live at the house.

    Breakdown of all bikes mentioned (including the one on a road trip):

    7 singlespeeds
    4 hardtails
    4 full suspension
    3 BMX
    2 fixies
    5 roadbikes
    3 classic cruisers
    1 Tandem (the one on loan)

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    Beater Roadie.
    SS Hardtail.
    XC Racebike.

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    I'd Huck That....
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    Theres 4 of us..1 adult 3rugrats
    07 kona coiler deluxe - 6" of fun
    05 Rocky Mountain Slayer
    2 Gary Fisher 16"
    Gary Fisher 20"
    Redline BMX 20"
    Gary Fisher Tyro 24" project bike

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    6 and 2 halves. 4 people in the family. Two Full suspension MTB's, one each for the wife and I. Two cross trainer road bikes, two kids bikes, for my two girls, and then we have two tag-along "bikes", which are being used less every year. Plus one Dirt bike that I am trying to sell for cheap.

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    Bunny Hoppin Gators
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    i live in an apartment so i dont have a garage but i have 4 in my living room

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    Don't have a garage, 6 bikes are stored in the basement. I thought I wanted a pugsley but with no snow yet in the northeast I'm glad I didn't get one this year.

    1. 90's gary fisher wahoo (commuter/crappy weather beater)
    2. 08 Raleigh XXIX with fat front
    3. Trek superfly alum set up 1x10
    4. sette 26" hardtail (girlfriends bike)
    5. Diamond back 24" BMX (used at indoor skate park, only during the winter)
    6. My dads old 26" mtb set up SS (never gets ridden)

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    Just one. A custom Walt Works. It is all I need or want!

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