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    Feb 2014
    My other Garage-2
    spare Bedroom-5

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    Feb 2014
    I have a garage with a walk-in shop next to it.

    2 Rockhoppers
    1 Raleigh Technium
    2 Mongoose(mongeese?) for the grandkids

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    Jul 2006
    Two too many!
    Hey everybody, ride my wheels! They ride good, real good.
    I'm a wheel builder. SRLPE Wheel Works. Send me a PM.

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    Fat Is Where It's At Moderator
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    We (son and I) have 5

    2 Giant Talon 1's
    1 Trek 1500
    1 K2 Mach 2
    1 Subrosa Malum

    May have bikes from the group that I volunteer for that are being worked on, right now have 2 rockhoppers.

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    Merendon Junkie
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    Dec 2011
    I have a shed that is also my bike stable
    2011 Camber comp
    2012 Salsa El Mariachi
    2012 rockhopper
    2012 Allez roadbike
    1 Single Speed/fixie road bike
    2007 Transition preston fr
    5 kids bikes

    11 bIkes, WHATDAF%$K!!! What the hell am I doing?

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    In the bike shop in the basement:

    2004 Santa Cruz Superlight
    2004 Santa Cruz - VP Free
    2005? Redline Monocog 29er SS
    2004 Specialized Hardrock
    1980something Trek road bike

    All my bikes are old. I need to do something about that.

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    I currently have 5

    3 for me, 2 for my wife

    2014 Specialized Hard Rock Sport Disc 29
    2014 Trek Skye (Wife)
    2012 Specialized Crux Skittles
    2013 Specialized Allez Compact
    2013 Fuji Finest 1.1 (Wife)
    '11 Specialized Crux Pink SS
    '15 Trek Farley 6 Fat Bike
    '15 Specialized Fatboy
    '12 Specialized Crux Skittles

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    3 and they are in the front room

    2013 trancex 29er
    2012 XTC 29er

    Northrock 26er (costco)
    need to get her a better bike.

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    Jun 2012
    I have 5 in my garage.

    2010 Rocky Mountain Altitude 70 (mine)
    2009 Jamis Dakar Comp (brothers)
    2007 Giant XTC (mine)
    2012 Giant Seek 2 (mine)
    1997 Specialized Hardrock (gfs)

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    I have a 2012 blackeye killorado bmx freestyle. an fmf xxxl race bmx bike (I used to race before I moved) My 2013 Haro flightine hardtail and an early 2000's research dynamics hardtail with myriad upgrades

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    A 1992 Cannondale Deltav 1000, 2012 Giant XTC , 2012 KHS Flagstaff, 2007 trek fuel (gf bike) 2007 Norco trials bike, 2014 Norco Fluid, 2014 Norco Bigfoot fat bike and a 2012 Neonbow trials bike. **** forgot the gf 2012 Norco hybrid.

    Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
    Giant XTC 2 29er
    KHS Flagstaff 29er FS
    Neon Bow Trials Bike
    Norco Fluid 9.2 29er FS

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    We've got 5, soon to be 6, 7 by the end of this year.

    I've got a Santa Cruz TRc, a Cotic Soul and a Boardman Comp road bike. Soon to have a new road bike when I can decide what I want.

    Wife has a heavily upgraded Rockhopper and a BTwin Triban 3 road bike. She's saving for a new road bike that'll be purchased nearer Christmas.

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    May 2007
    2012 Santa Cruz Nickel
    1972-ish Raleigh Grand Prix
    2006 Gary Fisher Piranha - This one lives in the mother-in-law's garage in MI so I have something to do during our visits.

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    2011 anthem x29r. The shiny silver one
    2013 Cannondale CAAD10
    1997 Custom chromoly hard tail made by a guy in Davis CA named Kimo Tanaka. Its now my commuter
    2013 Giant Revel Son's
    No names BMX Son's

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    Jan 2014
    Im 17 and live in the city, yet i have 6 to myself! no im not spoilt! i bought them myself, i work at the largest bike shop in the country!
    they are:
    Cervelo Carbon Track Bike
    2 Identical Ridley X-Night Carbon Cyclocross bikes
    26" 2014 Trek Elite 8.8 MTB, new 2 weeks ago,
    Steel Fly BMX, Not exactly top of the range xD
    2nd Hand LOOK 695, BEST DEAL EVAR!

    yes im rather lucky for someone my age to have a good job and i work loads around college.

    i do however want a 650b Hardtail, not into Soft-tails, i like my bikes light and agile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4slomo View Post
    Two too many!
    one does not simply have too many bikes!

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    Jan 2014
    6x bikes in garage (not all mine)
    to err is human... to face plant is frickin hilarious!!

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    Jan 2012
    5.5 in garage 4 in basement

    2013 Giant Trance x1 29er
    2011 trek/ fisher paragon ht 29er
    2009 Kona Jake the snake cyclocross
    198? Raleigh moutaintour 650b touring bike
    1972 Raleigh sprite 27" tires
    2 more for the wife and 2.5 for the kids

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    Apr 2010
    Just ordered one which will bring my personal total to (4):
    (1) Road (custom Bianchi)
    (1) Hybrid (custom Trek)
    (1) 29er HT (custom Niner)
    (1) 29er FS (enroute...and, of course, custom)

    Can't bring myself to dump the road bike even though it hasn't been ridden in over a year. I figure maybe I'll try a group ride again some day.

    The Hybrid gets occasional use around town.

    I recognize I may have the start of a 'bike problem' though :P

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    Motion activated
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    Ten, but five are dirt bikes.

    Also have a spawn banshee kids bike on back order.
    Happiness is a warm 2 stroke.

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    Dec 2007
    Three; my 09 5spot, my wifes 06 5spot, and my 1998 rigid Kona Kula.

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    Your Best Friend
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    May 2008
    27 bikes. 13 of which are mine. The rest are the wife and kids. Now that I think about it. I should get another one. 13 is unlucky.
    I'm a mountain bike guide in southwest Utah

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    Dec 2005
    8 with 2 wheels,

    My Cdale Rush
    My GT Peace SS
    Wifes bike
    Son's MTB
    Son's BMX
    Son's BMX
    My motorcycle
    wifes motorcycle

    2 frames on the wall with a big S on em'!
    Just circles turning circles....

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    Apr 2014
    5 soon to be 6

    1995 Specialized S-works
    2013 Specialized Allez Elite
    2013 Rocky Mountain Vertex 950rsl
    2013 Rocky Mountain Element 970rsl
    2006 Trek Fuel 100

    soon to be Trek 5.2 Madone!

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    Jun 2013
    4 bikes in the garage at this time

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    Oct 2012
    Two, one road, one mountain

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    Jun 2004
    I don't feel like a have a problem now!

    O3 Speciailzed BigHit DH
    12 Kona Entourage
    14 Giant Trance 27.5
    15 Transition Covert 29
    15 Canfield Nimble 9

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    Jun 2013
    Five, for one person.

    Two road. Once cyclocross. One mountain bike. One hybrid.

    Need to get rid of the hybrid.

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    Apr 2015
    3 bikes: Mountain, Road and Hybrid.

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    Dec 2012
    My bikes:

    2 top end mountain bikes
    1 older mountain bike
    1 road bike (permanently assigned to trainer duty)
    1 Ancient mountain bike (1992 ish low end Diamondback)
    5 kids' bikes.

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    Formerly of Kent
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    Mar 2009

    My 19lb 29er HT race bike, my mostly built but probably going to get sold 140mm 29er FS, my wife's 29er HT, my road bike, my wife's road bike, and her SS road bike.

    But they are hanging from the roof beams in our cabin-style house.
    Death from Below.

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    Jul 2014
    How many bikes in your garage?-bike-039.jpgHow many bikes in your garage?-bike-040.jpg
    currently 2 1/2.......
    97 specialized rockhopper, frame , fork and handlebars hanging from rafters in garage awaiting a new headset, wheels, grips, seat and proper single speed conversion

    91 Trek 800 commuter bike..... needs better tires and the bottom bracket overhauled

    roadmaster mountain sport 24"...wifes bike, she doesnt do alot of riding so it works for her... I painted it purple with white flame decals, black fork with purple flame decals, a bell and pedals that change colors in sunlight
    97 specialized rockhopper.
    91 raleigh tangent

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    Training for the Darwin's
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    Sep 2013
    All my bikes are in the garage. Our living room décor is really more "Canoe" that "Bicycle."
    The most expensive bike in the world is still cheaper than the cheapest open heart surgery.

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    Aug 2014
    9 bikes total. The 5 in signature and then:

    My son has 2 bikes - a Schwinn 405 and a cheap Walmart Mongoose jump Bike
    My wife's Diamond Back Lux
    My daughters Motobecane 300HTw
    Redline D880
    Redline Conquest
    Breezer Thunder One
    Moto Boris
    GT Tequesta
    GT La Bomba
    Charge Grater
    Nashbar Carbon Roadie

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    Sep 2012
    12 bikes 1 on the way

    4 of which are mine
    2 are for the kids to ride to school
    3 are for road
    Too Many .

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    Reluctant Tree Hugger
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    Sep 2014
    3 in my living room right now.

    Mach 6, my go-to for virtually all my riding
    Hardrock 29er, my greenway/loaner bike, thinking of converting to SS
    Genesis 29er hybrid, needs to be stripped of the tires and replaced with a road frame

    I'd like to add a + size bike (27.5 or 29er ...or both), a FS 29er, a SS 29er, a road bike, a gravel/cross bike, a cruiser, a low rider, a FR/DJ bike, a downhiller, and what the hell, a penny farthing.
    Live like there's no tomorrow. But pay your bills just in case there is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saladin View Post
    3 in my living room right now.

    Mach 6, my go-to for virtually all my riding
    Hardrock 29er, my greenway/loaner bike, thinking of converting to SS
    Genesis 29er hybrid, needs to be stripped of the tires and replaced with a road frame

    I'd like to add a + size bike (27.5 or 29er ...or both), a FS 29er, a SS 29er, a road bike, a gravel/cross bike, a cruiser, a low rider, a FR/DJ bike, a downhiller, and what the hell, a penny farthing.
    Yer Crazy ^^^^ DO It! heheheh
    Ride MORE = Live Longer
    Love Dirt / Hate Pavement

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    9 lives
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    Oct 2008
    I'm down to 2 (my new dh and newish ht)

    Sold my road bike and all-mtn this winter. I'm feeling lean... and mean
    F*ck Cancer

    Eat your veggies

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    The White Jeff W
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    Apr 2008

    Rigid singlespeed - steel

    All mountain hardtail - aluminum

    Fat bike - steel

    Geared rigid bike I use for road & greenways - steel
    No moss...

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    Yes, that's fonetic
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    Feb 2005
    Son's 2, girlfriend's 1 and my 4

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    Apr 2008
    2014 Specialized Crave
    2011 Turner 5 spot
    2012 (I think - wife's) Specialized Allez Pro
    2014 Specialized Tri-bike (don't know the name- wife's again).
    1996 Bianchi Grizzly RC - Handmade lugged Italian beauty.
    1999 Tommasini Sintesi - Handmade lugged and chromed Italian beauty
    1998 Specialized FSR with BETD link -spare bike for friends/kids
    2010 Trek 4000 -daughters mountain bike
    2014 Trek Road bike - daughters road bike.

    And about 5-6 random 20-24" kids bikes my wife won't give up!
    On MTBR, the reputation is infamous.

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    Broken Hipster
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    Jan 2014
    2013 GT Karakorum on the trainer
    2013 Santa Cruz Highball Carbon
    2013 Santa Cruz Superlight 29

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    At Work
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    Nov 2005
    2015 Trek EX9 27.5
    2012? Niner MCR 9
    2009 Gary Fisher Rig SS 29er
    1996? Kona Ku

    Trek Navigator 3.0 Wifes

    Trek Mystic 20 kids
    TREK EX9 27.5

    NINER MCR 9 (Moondust)

    2009 Gary Fisher Rig

    1997 Kona Ku

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    Jun 2013
    1. 2013 Speciallized Stumpy Comp
    2. 2013 CRF450r
    3. 2006 CRF450r desert trim
    4. Newish hybrid
    5. Early '90's Gary Fisher HKII hanging on wall

    1. Orbea Orca with Campy build
    2. Trek Madone
    3. Speciallized Rumor
    4. Hybrid
    5. 2007 KX250f with Race Tech lowered suspention
    6. 2007 CRF150rb desert trim

    1. Nitro Circus Strider, outgrown
    2. Speciallized Hotrock
    3. Trail-a-Bike for going with daddy on the single track
    4. CRF50 not quite ready to ride this yet,
    So 15, not counting the couple re-build projects in the shed. That's about right for a three person family.
    And if you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver. A. Senna

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    Jul 2013
    I've managed to get it down to 9, but a neighbor is threatening to return a tandem. (Wife has 2, each of 3 kids has at least one).

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    Apr 2004
    Last edited by jugdish; 06-07-2015 at 06:45 PM. Reason: cause

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    Jul 2013
    2013 Intense Spide Comp
    2015 Salsa Blackborow
    Spec tricross

    2015 giant xtc
    2013 spec vita

    opus doppler x2
    2015 Salsa Blackborow 1
    2013 Intense Spider Comp
    2009 Spec Tricross Sport

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    Apr 2015

    2014 Surly ECR
    2009 Niner RIP 9
    2006 Redline Monocog
    1996 Trek 1220 Roadie (attached to the indoor trainer)
    2014 Kona Dr. Good (I commute to work on this)

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    All bike, all the time
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    Jun 2009
    None in the garage. I live in Santa Cruz, bike theft capital of the known universe.

    7 altogether, in my basement. Locked. The T275c and M429c with NY Fahgettaboudits.
    All bike, all the time

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    29ers Forever
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    Nov 2012
    I used to have 6-7 but now I have 4.

    2013 Trek 3700 Disk
    2013 Trek Cobia
    2014 Trek Crossrip Elite
    2014/2015 Raleigh Misceo 2.0

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