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    Dual Squishy...
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    Jul 2008
    ^^ Yeah, you can't get rid of the Enduro!!

    1986 Cannondale R600 converted to a 2x1 commuter (Mine)
    1994 Bontrager OR Race Lite converted to an SS 32x18 (Mine)
    1997 KHS Road Bike (Wife's)
    2007 Specialized Enduro SL Expert (Mine)
    2009 Giant Trance (Wife's)
    2011 BMC SL02 (Mine)
    2011 Specialized Epic EVO (Mine)
    2011 Specialized Ruby (Wife's)
    2010 Specialized Hot Rock 24 (Daughter's)
    2009 Specialized Hot Rock 20 (Son's)
    19?? Ancient Raleigh something (Mom's)

    I think there is room for about 5 more...

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    Jan 2012
    New here. I have 2: one my daughter just out grew and her new one. I need to get a bike for myself so the two of us can get out and enjoy the outdoors and exercise.

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    bay area CA
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    Jan 2012
    four bikes in my garage, three more in my shed. all fully functional. sometimes i have even more bikes in my garage when my friends leave their rigs there being that my garage seems to be the staging area before we get to a staging area.

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    Feb 2011

    Spec. Stumpjumper HT EVO 29
    Look 576 Tri bike
    Surly cross check
    and the most recent addition... Kona Unit 29 custom SS build.

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    7.5. My wife has 2 - Spearfish and Trek Fuel 8 WSD. I have 4.5 - Spearfish, Carbon Stumpjumper 29er, 2009 DosNiner, late 90's Cannondale R400 (road bike) and a Giant NRS C1 frame and fork with enough parts laying around to complete it if I really wanted to. I also have an early 90's KHS I offered to tune up for a guy about a year ago, he hasn't asked for it back and it's stuffed in the corner of my basement so I forget it's there. I should call him and get it back to him.

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    Mar 2008
    4 Ritchey's
    2 Americans
    3 Rodriguez
    1 Pinarello
    1 Ciocc
    1 Kona
    2 Trek Boys
    1 Specialized Wife
    2 Schwinn
    2 Free Agent BMX Boys
    1 WTB
    1 Sinister Boys
    1 Flat black BMX? Boys

    The kids don't ride the Free Agent or the Treks anymore. We really need to get rid of them.....

    I may be forgetting a few..

    We have a bike for most every ocassion:

    Seek: Koski Trailmaster. Breezer Series 2 or 3. Cunningham Racer.

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    Nov 2011
    2004 Yeti ASR SL
    2011 Gravity Point4 29er
    2009 Cannondale CAAD9 roadie
    2010 Specialized HardRock

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    Dec 2011


    4 people and 4 bikes. 1.1

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    Jan 2011
    4 people, 8 bikes, so 2:1 ratio
    29er SS, 26er SS, Two 26er full squish (anyone want to buy a 2010 Spec FSR XC Pro? PM me), 26er commuter
    26er geared HT
    2 Daughters:
    The pink training wheels bike & trike
    My garage is a revolving door of bikes, wheelsets, & frames

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    Dec 2008
    Me : Santacruz Driver 8
    Santacruz Heckler
    On One Slot Inbred 29 SS
    Salsa Mamasita HT
    Wife : Santacruz Bullit
    GT Avalanche

    On my wishlist : Blur TRc

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    May 2008
    Had 5 but now down to 4. 3 MTB & 1 trail along. I'm looking to pick up 2 road bikes sometime this year.

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    Nov 2004
    GT Force
    GT marathon carbon team
    GT gtr pro
    GT Jelly Belly TT (bare carbon)
    GT Ruckus 7 frame (process of building)
    Gt Todd Wells frame (process of building)
    2009 GT Marathon Team,GT Force 2.0, GT Jelly Belly TT (nude carbon), and a very special Todd Wells Zaskar.

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    Oct 2009
    2001 Cannondale Time Trial (road)
    2010 Cannondale Quick 5 (Wife)
    2010 Cannondale RZ120-3
    2010 Cannondale RZ120-2 (son)
    2010 Ellsworth Epiphany
    1996 ProFlex 656
    2008 Haro F24
    2006 Haro Zero Werx Dirt Jumper
    1998 Bianchi Campione (road)

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    Jan 2007
    We have 7.
    Giant 06 Giant Reign 1
    Giant XTC

    Trek 24" mtb
    Specialized Hot Rock 20"
    Haro Racing BMX

    Youngest son:
    16" Trek

    Step son

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    Jan 2004
    14 or so. Enough parts and frames that another couple could probably be built from them.

    Here's some

    (not including the tricycle)

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    mtbr member
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    Oct 2011
    I don't have a garage, but I've got my Kona Kula, an old Schwinn Suburban, my fixed gear, and my girlfriends Schwinn hybrid all crammed in my apartment.

    And I'm looking for a Kona Honzo.
    Valhalla bound.

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    Nov 2011
    4 bikes and 4 motorcycles right now.

    The 4 bikes are:
    Cannondale Delta V 1000 from 94 now wife's bike
    Trek Top Fuel 9.8
    Trek Madone 5.2 sl
    Specialized Hotrock 24 inch kids bike

    The motos:
    Ducati Monster
    Kawi KLX 250s
    Kawi KLR 650
    Honda CRF 70 - the boys bike.

    The top fuel gets the most miles per year followed by the Duc. The Klr will be leaving soon

    I may have to add a 29er in there though, looking at Orbea Alma.

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    Jan 2012
    Me -- 6
    Poprad, roubaix, s1000, bad boy ultra, Rita, schwinn cruiser.

    Roubaix, Raleigh man, schwinn cruiser

    Cruisers, but their still young.

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    Sep 2004
    A bunch of 'Lobsters... one is gone but added another a few weeks back, plus a Carbon Blur and a Phat Cruiser...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails How many bikes in your garage?-rock-lobster-collection.jpg  

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    Sep 2011
    No room in the garage, but the spare room has some.
    MTBs - My main MTB, extra MTB for luring friends into MTBing, 90s steel winter commuter(still occasional trail use in summer).
    Road Bikes - My main road bike, commuter, spare bike for rides with a friend who doesn't have her own.
    Other bikes include my girlfriends' bike and my New Belgium Fat Tire cruiser. Then there are always a couple projects laying around that I randomly find for free/almost free and fix up to sell on CL to add to my personal bike upgrade fund.

    I think I currently own 11 bikes.

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    Nov 2011

    Let's see... Turner 5 Spot, carbon road bike, Felt Virtue, S.C. Nomad, Specialized Demo 8 II, Maverick Durance, Jamis Dragon, Trek Rumblefish, Haro BMX, Red Flyer trike, a couple trailer bikes, Honda CRF450, 230, & 50. Suzuki GSXR1000. So, 10 bicycles, 2 bike trailers, 4 motorcycles, and MAN I HOPE NO ONE FINDS OUT WHERE I LIVE!!!!

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    Mar 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by bardynt View Post
    wow i only have one bike

    i wander do some of you guys have different bike for every different type of riding you do?
    26" F/S for trips out west (or east) mostly (used to be the ONE bike)
    29" SS to make myself suffer
    29" Carbon Hardtail to make me faster than I really am
    Pugsley because with a bit (or a lot) of snow on the ground it makes me grin like a 10 yr old on a BMX for the first time
    Road bike because sometimes the trails are muddy
    Bianchi Volpe with a front disc as a commuter
    old Ti road bike converted to SS because it's beautiful and cool.

    I'm sure I need another bike, just trying to figure (manufacture!) a reason why.

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    Jan 2011
    I have two.

    Gary Fisher X-Caliber
    Cervelo R3

    But I hope to add a cheap fixie to the mix, as well as justify why I want/need a Surly Pugsley. lol

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    Relax. I'm a pro.
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    Feb 2004
    Ignoring miscellaneous frames and parts, I have four bikes I ride regularly.

    Curtlo Advanced Mountaineer
    S&M Stricker
    Cannondale 3.0 road bike
    Bianchi Pista
    Brooklyn Machine Works Park Bike

    The first two bikes get ridden the most.
    Instagram: @antoine1000

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    I've got 2 in the house and dad has one of his in the house. I've got Another one in the shop and dad has 3 out there. One of my brothers has 3 out there and my other brother has 1. We've still got mom's old bike too. I guess that makes 11 scattered around. There's another old Schwinn MTB frame floating around too.

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