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    74 & 29 pilot
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    Oct 2010
    DH; Session 88
    AM; Remedy 9.9
    Pump/Jump; Kona Bass
    Trail; Fuel Ex

    Thinking about a new AM frame; Firebird.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails How many bikes in your garage?-img_0291-resize.jpg  

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    mtbr member
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    Sep 2008
    Due to money issues I had to just sell a couple. I am now down to 3 and would go homeless before losing them.

    Spot Brand Highline- commuter
    Trek Sawyer- 29er
    DMR Trailstar Long Travel- DJ, etc.

    All singlespeed and the Trailstar is the only one with squish

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    mtbr member
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    Sep 2010
    I guess you could say I have a garage... 20'X40'... more of a shop for me though.

    Eastern Thunderbird (DJ)
    Sette Flite (FS)
    Chumba HX2 (HT)
    Specialized Allez (Roadie)
    Rans Rocket ('bent)
    Chumba EVO (frame and rear shock only... so far)

    In my house I have a no-name SS/Fixie/Freewheel...
    it hangs above my Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert 29er (which currently sits in my hotel room here in Santa Cruz waiting for tomorrow and Sunday morning and the local SC trails ... one of my little perks being a parent of a UCSC student... I dropped the rascal off at the dorms tonight... two good reasons to keep coming down here to Santa Cruz )

    My girlfriend's Jamis sometime hangs out at my house, but she just took it back home the other day so she could ride.

    Hmmmm.... I'm in Santa Cruz.... they sell a larger variety and different quality of mountain bike here than back at home.... it's payday... and I'm on a four-day vacation....

    Either I'll resist dropping some dough at a.b.s. or I'll be adding a new bike to the collection!

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    mtbr member
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    Jul 2011
    I have 2 but shooting to hopefully have 3 or 4

    Santa cruz Heckler-Mine
    Iron horse maverick 4.5- Wife/loaner bike.

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    Sep 2007
    Almost too many -

    Sworks stumpy 29 - xtr
    Sworks SS sj ht 29 - X0 silver
    Custom demo 8 40, CCDB, renthal, X0 dh

    Sworks Tarmac SL4
    Ruby Pro
    Roll 8
    Sworks Safire

    Sworks epic 26

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    I <3 dirt
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    Oct 2010
    No bikes in the garage, that's just mean.

    I've got 5 bikes in the basement and 1 upstairs in the office.

    1 for my wife
    5 are mine:
    2 mountain bikes (DJ bike and 29er XC)
    1 bmx
    1 cyclo cross
    1 fixed gear

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    N2B is offline
    mtbr member
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    Jul 2009

    superfly 100, it should be sub 10kg
    flash 29er, it should be sub 9 kg

    Trek topfuel 9.9 sub 10 kg

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    mtbr member
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    Jan 2012
    4 now, soon to be 6
    1 Safire
    2 Stumpjumper FS
    3 Ruby Carbon Expert
    4 Crossroads
    29er to come this year for me
    hubby hopes to get roadie this year

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    At Work
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    Nov 2005
    2009 Titus FTM
    2009 Gary Fisher Rig SS 29r
    1996/97 kona Ku ht
    199? Trek carbon roadbike. Not mine. Tires rotted
    2009 Trek 3.0 for wife
    2010 Stider for my angel. It is pink
    2008 Trek Mystic for the same angel.
    TREK EX9 27.5

    NINER MCR 9 (Moondust)

    2009 Gary Fisher Rig

    1997 Kona Ku

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    Dec 2010
    Well in the shed, 4.

    Swift 29er ahrdhard tail singlespeed
    Peregrine with Alfine hub and derailleur (I'm in the middle of switching to the hub gear but it needs a wheel to fit!)
    Singlespeed road bike
    My son's 20" mtb

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    mtbr member
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    Apr 2009
    I have:
    Santa Cruz Superlight
    Serotta Legend
    2006 Kawasaki ZX-6R

    Sister has:
    Haro Railer XS cruiser

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    Sep 2011
    Two MTB bikes and my two Ducati's in the living room. The garage is for the cars.
    15 Yeti ASR-c
    14 Yeti ARC
    16 Bianchi Specialissima
    15 Echo Big Deal
    15 Roubaix S-Works

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    mtbr member
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    Jan 2012
    2 Old Cannondale Hybrid and 2010 GT Force 3.0


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    mtbr member
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    Feb 2011
    7 bikes

    4 for me : 2 mtb, 2 on road
    2 for kids : 2 mtb
    1 for kids' nanny : flatbar on road with shopping basket upfront

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    Dec 2003

    Define, 'bike'

    Quote Originally Posted by kerryn View Post
    I was just looking around our garage last night and I counted our bikes. We have 9 for a family of 4. I have 2, my wife 1, my daughter has 2 and my son 3. I hope to add to my stock another two over the upcoming months, something along the lines of a Trek Sawyer and a Kona Satori.

    I need to trim the kids bikes somewhat, but I know my garage is nothing compare to some folks. So how many bikes do you have to fuel your addiction, er, passion...?
    I have 8 in my garage for a family of 4. I have enough frames and parts to build two more.

    5 bikes are mine.
    Titus RX29er, Lefty
    Singular Swift singlespeed hardtail
    PlanetX Kaffenback touring/road/cyclocross bike (steel is real... real heavy)
    Access XCL29er
    Giant Yukon, my first modern mountain bike with racks, now a city pack bike

    2 bikes for the Wife (one disassembled. I need to put it back together and sell it)
    A 12" BMX bike that is my 5 year old's
    A balance bike for my 3 year old


    One Steer-N-Go tricycle
    two razor scooters

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    Dec 2006
    I don't have a garage and live in a shoe box. My 2011 Fuel EX8 sits in front of my TV and am about to move it into the kitchen so I can watch the Houston Texans playoff game against the Bengals.

    I have a 2006 Klein Attitude that I'm currently building and I guess Ill keep it in the bathroom. I'd put it in the fridge, but then I wouldn't have enough room for my beer!

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    mtbr member
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    Dec 2007
    In my garage there are 9 bikes.

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    I need a new name
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    Jun 2004
    3 live in the garage, a 1994 Schwinn Moab SS, 199? Specialized Hard Rock, and a 1996 Haro Group 1.
    Mine... an Ibis Mojo SL, Bianchi SOK 29r, BMC Pro Machine, Masi CXR, and a junky cruiser.
    Hers... a Titus Motolite, Cannondale SuperSix 1, Litespeed Sienna, Redline Conquest Pro, Haro V4, and a junky cruiser.
    I guess that makes 14 total.
    i ride bikes

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    mtbr member
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    Mar 2004
    I ran out of fingers and it's too cold to take my shoes off so I'll just say 10+

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    Stucco Bucket
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    Jul 2009
    kind of bloated right now

    1. IBIS Mojo
    2. YETI 303 rDH
    3. PIVOT Firebird
    4. NS Dirt Jumper
    5. Schwinn Homegrown Black
    6. Schwinn Homegrown Gold
    7. Mountain Cycle San Andreas
    8. NOVARA Ponderosa
    9. Cannondale M700
    10. 8ft long Custom Cruiser with 144 spoke wheels

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    Jan 2004
    A dozen

    Mountain bikes
    1. Karate Monkey SS
    2. Salsa Fargo 3X9
    3. Access XCL Fatfront winter/Rockshox summer
    4. Mountain Cycle Rumble, Fox shock

    5. Fantom Pro CX
    6. Specialized Allez

    7. Redline Monocog/Alfine 8
    8. Unknown track bike with Nexus 3 coaster
    9. 1955 Schwinn Spitfire

    10. &11. bikes for the kids
    12. Wife's bike

    If I get anymore, wifey gets one...

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    One Colorful Rider
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    Jan 2004
    21 Completes 2 Frames in Boxes
    2-Rigid Single Speed 29ers
    2-Rigid Geared 29er
    1-Geared Hardtail 29er
    3-Single Speed Cross Bikes
    2-Fixed Gear Langsters
    2-Geared Road Bikes
    2-Surly 1x1's
    1-Surly Pugsley
    3-Internal Geared Cruisers 2-three speed 1-four speed
    1-Single Speed Cruiser
    1-Schwinn Homegrown

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    mtbr member
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    Dec 2011
    Family of 3,

    2009 F4 Caffeine-Made in USA
    1997 M700 converted to a hybrid
    1997 H300 (wife's bike)
    1994 M700 (project frame)
    2010 Phat Cycles Melodie (wife's beach cruiser)
    2009 Giant Boulder Jr 24" (Son's)

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    mtbr member
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    Jan 2011


    Ti Jones
    Steel Jones
    20111 HiFi Deluxe
    Two early 90's Trek Mountain NBikes
    Raleigh Kodiak
    Very old Huffy Sand Cruiser
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails How many bikes in your garage?-fat-friday.jpg  

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    Mar 2008
    I have 7.25 bikes scattered about the house. All but one are mine.

    In my office..
    2007 Stumpjumper HT. Bought this almost mint condition frame on ebay about 6 months ago and just built this up.
    1983 Mongoose Expert BMX. Totally restored and hanging from the ceiling.
    1983 GT Pro BMX only the frame and forks though hanging on the wall. I'll get around to building this someday.

    In the garage..
    2005 Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc. After a 5 year hiatus from biking, bought this new for more of a "modern bike". Should've saved my money for something that wasn't such a freakin tank. Live and learn.
    1995 Klein Fervor-my first good mountain bike. Still an awesome bike, but the Judy XC's are shot and I need to replace the bottom bracket. Klein had to make that extra complicated though.
    1994 Trek 830-my first mountain bike.
    1980 Schwinn Scrambler BMX 16-inch. My first BMX bike. Mostly restored, but want to repaint the frame.
    2005 Trek 3700-my wife's bike.

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