• 12-17-2012

    Specialized STJ FSR 29 Comp
    Salsa El Mar. SS Limited Ed. HT
    Cannondale Crossbike
    Electra Cruiser


    Salsa Beargrease
    Niner carbon RIP 9
    Salsa Spearfish
  • 12-17-2012
    Trek superfly comp
    Trek madone 5.2
    Trek speed concept 7.8
    Specialized Olympic Gold Edition MTB
    Standard 24 cruiser

    Madone 3.1
    Cannondale Adventure

    Ripper Jr.
    Trek wasabi
  • 12-17-2012
    04 Allez
    05 Stumpjumper

    13 Orbea Orca BLT
    13 Pivot Mach 5.7C
  • 12-17-2012
    11 Specialized Epic Carbon Comp 29er
    11 Specialized Roubaix Expert
    11 Specialized Stumpjumper SS 29er
    11 Specialized Crux
    1994 Paramount 70 Series
    1993 Specialized Sirrus

    Yes, I like Specialized and, yes, 2011 was a good year :).
  • 12-17-2012
    (5) 2007 KTM 200 XCW
    2006 Yeti 303 DH
    2010 Superfly 100
    2012 Rumblefish Elite
    2013 CAAD 10 roadie
  • 12-17-2012

    1998 Schwinn Homegrown Hardtail
    2012 Santa Cruz Heckler
  • 12-17-2012
    Jedi 1

    2005 Stump Jumper

    1989 Trek 1500
  • 12-18-2012
    Currently have 4.5 bikes:

    SS 29er
    FS 29er
    Road Bike
    SS road Bike

    Also have a frame an enough part to build it up.......but thinking of selling it instead.
  • 12-19-2012
    2009 trek fuel ex8
    2011 trek 8.3 ds
    2012 trek x cal
  • 12-19-2012

    Originally Posted by bedwards1000 View Post
    That's right, you need 5. The answer is always N+1

    '84 Univega Viva Sport
    '96 Bridgstone MB-3
    Surly Cross Check
    Scott CR1
    GT Sensor 1.0

    A fatbike is next on the list.

    Oops, I added a GT 9er Expert to the list before a fatbike. The Fatbike is almost certainly probably the next on the list. So I'm at 6 right now.
  • 12-20-2012
    2008 Felt Q520 (now in pieces)
    2003 Craftworks Frm125 Medium, Was set up as my all mountain long travel bike.
    now a short travel setup for the misses and unknown to her still an awesome all mountain bike.
    2010 Marin Attack Trail strong climber and descender, love it.
  • 12-21-2012
    I have 3.
    2007 Trek 7200 Hybrid for riding with the wife
    2001 Trek 2200 for the road
    2009 Gary Fisher HiFi Plus 26" for the trails.

    Always looking for another though. lol
  • 12-21-2012
    The wife:
    2012 Giant Revel W
    2012 Giant Simple 7 Cruiser
    Walmart SS Cruiser

    The Kid:
    Pink Trike
    10" Walmart special

    Me, currently...:
    2012 Santa Cruz Butcher
    2012 Giant XTC 29er SS
    2013 Santa Cruz Highball SS
    2009 Kawasaki ZX6-R
    2006 Yamaha R6
    2009 Beta 400RR
    2007 UM 150cc scooter
    1996 Beta Techno 250
    1985 CT110
    1986 CT110
    2007 Honda 50 knock-off
    1985 Yamaha YSR 50

    They are all 2-wheels so I consider them all "bikes" :thumbsup: ...and they are all in a 2 car garage :crazy:
  • 12-21-2012
    Four currently in-house:
    1985 Raleigh 555rsl Team USA frame/fork Campy Record roadbike
    1999 Specialized FSR-XC Pro FS 3x9 26er
    2001 Litespeed Tuscany 700c roadbike
    2012 SIR9 rigid SS 29er
  • 12-21-2012
    Dave Ferris

    The one in my sig and a Litespeed Classic road.

    Trying hard to make a Ericksen or Potts 29er happen in the upcoming year.
  • 12-24-2012
    Charly Baltimore
    1 Attachment(s)
    2009 Gary Fisher AR
    2013 Specialized Carve Comp
  • 12-24-2012
    4 Attachment(s)

    2011 marin pine mountain 29'er
    2011 GT CX series 1
    2007 KHS solo one se (ss 29'er)
    1998 ibis alibi

    i ride them all but the alibi needs a spoke...
  • 12-28-2012
    1 Attachment(s)
    2 almost 3

    2009 Merida 96 5000 for racing
    2008 Haro Mary SS 29er for fun / riding to work (20km each way off road - love it)
    2012 Spec FSR 29er for trail centres (collecting today or tomorrow)

    Check out my Mary...
  • 12-28-2012
    One less than I want, that's how many :)

    '93 Trek 8000
    '04 Trek Project One (based on the 5500 I think, with Record)
    '01 Raleigh 600
    '12 Handbuilt based on a Fantom 29er frame
    '12 Handbuilt based on an Access XCL 29er frame
  • 12-28-2012
    Just added a Santa Cruz Tallboy, so I'm up to 4.

    '10 Trek 3900 with a kid cart for my grandson.
    '11 Scott Sub 35 Hybrid for the town.
    '11 Niner EMD
    '12 SC Tallboy
  • 12-28-2012
    2 bikes (mtb and road bike)
    Trek Fuel ex6
    Focus Cayo

  • 12-28-2012
    3 awhile ago but down to 1 now. Looking for a second tho, something I can build up.
  • 12-28-2012
    2 specialized rockhopper 2013 for fun- just got it but love it
    Falcon Olympic ?1978 about to become a fixie
  • 12-28-2012
    2010 Intense Spider 2
    2012 Salsa Mukluk 2
    2013 Trek Domane 5.2
    2013 Salsa Spearfish 1 - On order - due in Feb/Mar. :)
    2010 Giant Defy 1 that is now a permanent fixture on my Kinetic Rn'R trainer.
    2001 Trek Fuel 80 that my dad has grown a liking too.
    1998 Trek 8900 SL. Bare frame that I keep looking at building.
  • 12-28-2012
    5 bikes

    2 CCM's I found abandoned. Tinkered with them and they work fine for just getting from point A-B and some light stuff that the GF can handle.

    Norco road bike. Also found in a gravel pit. Decent shape but needs attention. Might be next project.

    A Flying Fortress BMX bike I happened to stumble upon in a friend's basement. He was going to pay me for rides to work for two weeks but I asked if I could take the bike instead. He was thrilled to part with it. Hangover from his teenage years.

    My final one is my current bush beater/project bike. Just a crappy K2 Zed with a Rock Shock, mech discs and not much else to speak of. I have this one pulled apart, paint stripped and getting ready for paint. Since I ride primarily for fitness this 50 dollar bike will be adequate for my riding. Will look snazzy with a gloss orange frame and flat black components though. Even if it is a sportchek brand bike lol.
  • 12-29-2012
    Giant Reign
    Specailized Camber 29er
    Felt F75 (roadbike)
    Cruiser to ride with the kids
  • 12-31-2012
    5 bikes

    My first real mtb, 2010 Cannondale F9
    A bike I bought to use more in town, 2011 Schwinn Sidewinder
    A bike I found in someones shed, 1995 Cannondale R300 (I did NOT steal it)
    My dad's bike, Trek 3700 Disk
    My NEW 29'er, Trek Cobia
  • 12-31-2012
    Leopold Porkstacker

    Originally Posted by curly1 View Post
    How many bikes do you have?

    Not enough, unfortunately.
  • 12-31-2012
    I currently have 3:
    '12 Giant Rainier 29er 0 - MTB
    '12 Specialized Ruby Apex Compact - Road
    '12 Specialized Shiv Elite - TT

    And then I have a '13 Specialized Epic Expert Carbon 29 on layaway that I hopefully will be picking up at the end of January! Later this spring I'll probably be adding a 'cross bike to the mix. Then I think I am done...for awhile. ;)
  • 01-01-2013
    I've got 4 right now, but soon to be 2:

    '08 Intense SS 1x9-Soon to be parted out as I'm old and don't want to kill myself.
    '12 GF Superfly carbon-The new XC ride
    '12 Stradalli Napoli-The current roadie
    '09 Spesh Langster-My SS roadie, haven't ridden it much since buying the carbon/geared roadie.
  • 01-01-2013
    I have 5,

    Cannondale Caad9-5
    Redline Monocog 29er
    Giant Trance X2

    beach cruiser
    and a BMX when cruizing with my sons

    Only problem is we don't have room for all of them. We have like 12 bikes in our family
  • 01-01-2013
    According to my wife too many!

    An old beater road bike to be SS converted, a beater MB I picked up for $20 to drive around and not worry about it getting lifted, an old school Kona Cinder Cone and a Giant Seek 2.

    Hopefully I'll add a fatbike to the herd, but I better thin out before I have no place to put any of them!
  • 01-01-2013
    I currently have 9 bikes and 2 frames / frame-sets

    1) '68 Schwinn Stingray 5spd
    2) '82 Huffy Aerowind (Gift from the wife back in '82 & land-locked on my mag-trainer)
    3) '84 Ross Mt. Whitney
    4) '87 Raleigh Edge
    5) '96 Santana Picante Tandem
    6) '98 Schwinn Orange Krate replica
    7) '98 Schwinn Super Stock
    8) '99 Bontrager Privateer (most fun to ride)
    9) '11 Niner EMD9


    10) '06 Marin Muirwoods (frame)
    11) '90 Proflex Serotta built Off-Road (frame and fork)

    Sons Bikes

    12) '11 Specialized Rock Hopper
    13) '02 Specialized FSR S-Works
  • 01-24-2013
    Testing the boundaries on the new "Panorama" feature on the Iphone with my favorite subject (well my second favorite subject after my family) just keep in mind i can not move any farther back, so I'm pushing what the lens/camera can do.

    All and all very impress with the results.

    16 years of collecting bike parts.
  • 01-24-2013
    Changed up a lot in 2012, down to only 2 bikes:

    - 2012 Transition Bandit
    - 2012 Surly Crosscheck

    aaand a Jamis Komodo frame that is just hanging, tempting me to build back up. Think I need a rigid single speed 29er more though.
  • 01-25-2013
    Trek pilot roadbike customized for timetrial, my "exercise bike"
    Trek slash mountain bike my "baby"
  • 01-25-2013
    Specialized Camber comp 26 2011
    " " Rockhopper 26 2012
    " " Allez Comp 2012
    Salsa El Mariachi 3 29er 2012

  • 01-25-2013
    Do broken bikes count? If not, i have 1 bike.
  • 01-25-2013
    The whole household has 4 bikes. I only own 1. My 2012 Trek Fuel EX8. All I ever really need though I should get a road oriented bike for commuting.
  • 01-26-2013
    Right now i have 4 bmx bikes and tonssss of parts and wheels in a 2 br apartment with my fiancee and 4 year old.
  • 01-26-2013
    We have 8. There will be more though. She's wanting a Myka fsr and I'm looking at either a Trek Stache 8 or a Transition Trans Am 26

    11 Specialized Expedition
    12 Specialized Myka
    12 Trek 7.2FX

    11 GF/Trek Wahoo
    12 GF/Trek Marlin
    13 Trek 7.2FX
    06 Specialized Epic Comp
    91 Scwinn 2000SX My first bike!
  • 01-26-2013
    Currently I'm saving for a suspension bike, but here are my current rides.
    2006 Diamondback Response Comp
    2008 Cannondale F6 (GF's)
    2009 Diamondback Outlook (currently for sale)
    2010 Fuji Nevada 1.0
  • 01-26-2013
    1. Giant Anthem singlespeed
    2. Evil Sovereign
    3. Pivot Mach 5
    4. Pivot Firebird
    5. Liteville 301
    6. Giant OCR2 flat bar
    7. BMC SLC01
    8. Merida Cyclocross 4 Disc
    9. Moots Vamoots RSL
  • 01-27-2013
  • 01-27-2013
    Giant Trance X2 2011
    Old Giant flatbar road bike
    An awesome spray painted bike to jump off jetttys and wharfs etc
  • 01-27-2013
    Blitz Cycle Works
    I have a '08 Stumpjumper FSR comp 26" that I've been riding for a few years.
    Old Gary Fisher Marlin rigid
    2011 Specialized Crux CX bike
    2011 Salsa Mukluk for winter riding

    A Blitz Cycle Works Ti 29er that I built last fall. And working on a Ti CX bike for next season.
    From here on out its all Blitz bikes for me...Sorry Specialized I love your bikes, but love what I made with my own hands better...
  • 01-27-2013
    2x '11 Camber Elite 29ers (his and hers)
    2x '11 Rockhopper Pro (ditto)
    '11 Fargo 3 (hers)
    '12 Fargo U-build-m (mine)
    '13 Pugsley (0.5...just frame and wheels at this point)

    If we had enough space we would own them all.
  • 01-28-2013
    OK lets see if i can get them all ....

    2010 Turner 5spot
    2009 Slingshot Farmboy
    2007 Redline Monocog
    1998 Dekerf Generation
    2004 Zoo! Pitbull
    2000 Balfa Minuteman
    1999 Specialized FSR
    1998 Pyclewerks Wildhare
    1999 Specialized Stumpjumper
    1998 Schwinn Powermatic

    That should be about right.
  • 01-28-2013
    6 for me:

    2012 Niner One9 (rigid SS)
    2011 Giant XTC1 29er (hardtail)
    2009 Dawes Lightning SS w/ fenders (commuter)
    2009 Origin 8 Uno (fixie)
    2008 Specialized Tricross Pro (cyclocross)
    2007 Redline Monocog Flight 29er (rigid mud and snow SS)
  • 01-28-2013
    2 that work, 3 that don't, 3 projects in progress, at least 10 more in various levels of completeness, and a bunch of other silly stuff that doesn't even belong in any of the above categories...

    so... 2