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    How many bikes ?

    Poll How many bikes do you own ?

    I own 3. Two MTB and one road.

    What would you add to your quiver next ?

    I cant decide between DJ or cyclocross.
    Yeah I gotta question. You got any excuses tonight Roy ? -Antonio Tarver

    There is room for it all, just ride what you like to on what you like to...that's freeriding. -rbn14

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    I currently have three - two DH bikes (one for sale) and a trail bike. Used to have a road bike, but I never rode it so I sold it.

    A dirt jumping bike would be nice...

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    Four bikes.

    2004 NRS 3/Fox/Raceface
    2002 Giant Rainier/Zocchi/Monkeylite
    2003 Specialized Allez Comp
    2003 Redline Single-3 speed/Raceface

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    1. First POS MTB which is used for trips to the pub
    2. 2nd MTB (hard tail) which is my commuter
    3. Specialized Enduro for 'real' mountain biking
    4. Cinelli racer - gettting on for ten years old but its a classic.

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    four bikes--3 mtb and 1 road. cross bike would be nice, but can't currently justify the $$ for one.
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    3 Mountain, 1 Road

    Independent Fabrication (IF) steel hardtail which is my main ride

    GT I-2.0 FS - This is my current challenge bike. How to get it down from 32 lbs to a more XC friendly weight. Say around 28 lbs.

    GT Zaskar - My FrankenBike. Zaskar frame, CroMo rigid fork from a GT Tequesta and bits and pieces that were lying around or purchased cheap.

    Cannondale R400 Road bike picked up used last summer for $400.

    I ride them all and each has its place.

    The IF is great for racing and XC rides. The I-Drive has plenty of suspension and sometimes gets used for lift served though I'm more an XC kind of guy. The Zaskar FrankenBike is perfect for city rides. If I get mugged and the bike stolen, no great loss and strong as can be for those city potholes and curbs. The Cannondale is a road bike. You ride those on roads; at least I do a couple times per week.

    I've really gotten into the road bike state of mind the past year and love to go for an hour or two after work to stay in shape. Next new bike may well be a higher end road machine.

    There are also three other hardtails and two BMX's in the family.

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    Phatt is fun Moderator
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    Only 2 for me.

    Giant VT
    SS Conversion

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    Trail rider and racer
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    2004 Ellsworth Truth (My dream bike)
    2004 Giant TCR Composite Road Bike

    I will probably build up a Hardtail for short course racing, or possibly a fully rigid SSeer.

    The sad part of owing a road bike is that I only ride my MTB 1-2 a week at the most...

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    all 2 boths of them

    1. Trek 8900 SS

    2. Black Sheep hardtail 1x8
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    I only have one..

    ... it's a 99' Ibis Mojo with a Marzocchi Z2 fork (that only gets about 2 1/2" of travel) and an XT/XTR build. I ride it everywhere, road, dirt, uphill and down.
    Maybe one of these days I'll finally break down and get a full suspension XC ride, maybe a Blur.

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    I have four bikes:
    2002 Ellsworth Truth - all XT, Hope Mini brakes, Truvative cranks/BB, Terry ti Fly saddle, Thompson post and stem, King headset and hubs, 317 rims, Manitou X-Vert Air fork, Cane Creek AD-12 shock.

    2003 Giant AC Air - bone stock

    1999 Specialized FSR Elite (big hit) - Jr. T fork, all XT, Fox Vanilla R shock, Sun Rhynolite rims laced to Onyx hubs, Titec Berserker saddle on a Thompson post, BETD plate to give 6" travel in rear, Maxxis Highroller 2.5 front tire and 2.35 MOFO DH rear tire

    2000 Lemond Zurich road bike - Speedplay X1 pedals, USE Alien carbon post, Sella Italia SLK saddle.

    Next up? 2004 Fondriest Domino Carbon road frame - full Dura-Ace 10 speed, American Classic 420 wheels, and most likely a divorce (heh, heh).
    Taste death, live life.

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    Three main rides

    Surly 1x1--one of two main trail bikes
    1990 Stumpy--rigid and 1x7, the other main trail bike
    1984 Specialized Allez--roadie

    And also

    1986 Jamis Dakota--beer and pizza bike
    GF Sugar 2 that never gets ridden
    Matched pair of 1972 Schwinn 3sp "lightweights" (a Racer and a Breeze)
    Free Spirit Tandem w/ coaster brake
    1984 Trek 760 frame awaiting fixie parts
    When the going gets weird its bedtime.

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    Ah yes...

    ... the ubiquitous, "how many bikes do you have?" / "how many do you own?" / "what bike do you want next?" post. ... not that I mind, of course.

    My stable hasn't changed much.

    But as far as what I want next... I'd really like to sell off my Sugar & C-Dale and build up a Ti rigid 29er with discs and a 1x8 drivetrain.


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    Shortcutting Hikabiker
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    Kona Kikapu

    GT Timberline Steel SS Conversion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evel Knievel
    Poll How many bikes do you own ? .
    3 Bikes

    1 Road
    1 SS
    1 FS XC MTB

    Next bike will either be a freeride rig or a new road bike.


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    My selection changes pretty frequently. The two staples are

    ?1990? Third hand Bridgestone RB-1 road frame that I traded for a cassette deck still with all the D/A stuff I bought for a Paramount back in '93.

    1998 Ells Specialist that recently "upgraded" from 1x8 to 1x9 when my shorts snagged the thumbshifter of my '93 XTR rear shifter and broke the shifter axle. That was a sad day.

    My rotating stock.
    I go through a couple trials frame per year (I usually sell them after 6 months)
    recently broken Echo ES-4 trials frame. to become
    a fancyboy Coustellier trials frame with all my goodies.

    I have enough parts and an old, cracked custom trials frame which I'll build into a fixie in the next couple weeks.
    Sean Chaney :: Owner/Builder :: Vertigo Cycles LLC
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    8 if you count all the frames & junk

    Quote Originally Posted by Evel Knievel
    Poll How many bikes do you own ?

    I own 3. Two MTB and one road.

    What would you add to your quiver next ?

    I cant decide between DJ or cyclocross.
    Full bikes:
    trek 8000 (mtb)
    dean ace 3 (mtb)
    trek 5200 (roadie)
    bianchi giro (roadie)
    motobecane nomad (itty-bitty roadie, circa1976)
    urago something-or-other (slightly less itty-bitty roadie, circa 1980)

    POS Mongoose Surge mtb
    POS nashbar beater roadie

    what would i get next? a personal mechanic to do all the work that i don't currently have time to do!

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    Birdman aka JMJ
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    4 for me, 3 for my wife

    3 MTBs, 1road bike:
    2001 Santa Cruz Superlight with Marzocchi Xfly100, Avid disks, 9 sp XT, Race Face
    2001 Soma Groove steel hardtail with Marzocchi Xfly80, 8sp LX/XT, Race Face
    1992 Litespeed titanium rigid singlespeed, steel Tange fork, Race Face, ENO
    2004 Specialized Allez Elite steel road bike w/105 (picking it up this weekend)

    Some of everything - full suspension, hardtail, rigid, aluminum, steel, titanium, 27 sp, 24sp, singlespeed, mountain bikes, road bike. I've owned 2 aluminum hardtails ('94 Specialized Stumpjumper M2FS and '97 Cannondale CAAD2), and an aluminum rigid bike ('99 C'dale M400), but a steel hardtail is where it's at. I just *rescued* the Litespeed last year, and turned it into a SS. Sweet suffering.

    My wife has 2 MTBs and 1 road bike
    2001 Titus Racer X with Marzocchi Xfly80, Avid disks, 9 sp XT, Race Face
    2001 Soma Groove steel hardtail with Marzocchi Xfly80, 8sp XT, Race Face
    2003 Bianchi Vigorelli steel road bike w/Ultegra

    My wife started on a rigid steel Specialized Rockhopper, moved to a Specialized Stumpjumper M2FS before getting the Titus and Soma bikes. She really likes the steel hardtail compared to the M2FS and she flies on the Titus. She just got te Bianchi last year and loves it too.

    Seven bikes in the apartment... getting a tad cramped. Keep all the bikes, time to move.

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    formerly Giantxc
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    My quiver current includes 3 fully operational bikes and one in a slow build process.

    Operational & in use:
    2000 Voodoo Bizango - 2X9 Hardtail
    2000 Haro Werks SSX - Single Speed
    19XX Trek 660 Roadie, built up as a single speed commuter.

    Getting built as I have spare time and $:
    Mountain Cycle San Andreas that hasn't figured out how its going to be spec'd yet.

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    "Mr. Britannica"
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    what would i get next?

    Silly question, the answers are obvious. A SS. Or a CX (in the words of Clubber Lang in Rocky 3, "painnnn"). Or a FG. Wrenching is what your SO is for.

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    i currently have 8 in the garage, might sell one though...
    1. litespeed pisgah
    2.trek fuel 90 tam 29er
    4.surly 1x1
    5.chameleon ss
    6.2300 (road)
    8. rigid, ss moab for the winter/sloppy days
    after i started riding the 29er might sell the pisgah.

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    Alright, let's ride!
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    I currently have three.

    1. 2003 Santa Cruz Superlight - White Bros fork, magura marta sl discs
    2. 2004 Speciaized S-Works hardtail - White Bros fork, magura marta sl discs
    3. 2003 Giant TCR Composite Road bike - many upgrades

    Whats next ...... actually I'm pretty happy with my current stable. That is subject to change at any moment though. A CX bike could show up this fall though.

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    Tell me about your Giant TCR

    I've has some interest in the '04 Composite 2. Seems like a lot of bike for the money. Does the composite frame do a good job of absorbing minor road vibrations? What size is your frame and how does it relate to your size. I'm 5'11" and weight 185 lbs. My traditional road frame (Cannondale) is 54cm.

    Thanks for any input.

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    contains quinine
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    04 enduro comp
    01 rocket 88 (needs to go away)
    99 homegrown
    02 nova (cross)
    97 campione d'italia (needs to go away)
    ?? Merckx (needs to get built)
    92 trek 8300


    00 schwinn mesa
    9? Specialiezed Sirrus (needs to go away)


    6? Dawes Touring Bike (needs to go away)
    98 Croll Mtn.
    95 Parkpre Steel... (needs to go SS)

    I think that's it. eleven? wow... might be a few too many, so if you want one...
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    Take the long cut, we'll get there eventually.

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    I guess I have 5

    I've got:
    Rossin road bike,
    S-Works cross,
    KHS team mountain bike,
    '91 Stumpjumper SS,
    and a KHS tandem

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