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    How to eradicate tribulus terrestris.

    Our wonderfull government has joined forces to deal with the problem of invasice species. Welcome to! What I propose is to photograph this plant on every property these government agencies own. This will embarass them into doing something about it. Don't forget all the local department of agriculture even if the plant is not banned locally. The presence of this plant on any government property is an ADA violation since it is capable of puncturing wheel chair wheels. Some of my own can be found on flickr by searching for the plant or bicyclehazard.
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    So what's the point of this thread?
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    To collect images of this plant on government land so they can do something about it?

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    I sense the sock is strong with this one.

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    Since I don't know what those words mean, I'm reading it as "how to stop pinch flats"
    Answer-the preferred method is tubless, with Stans.

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