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    Hit by a car- passion recovery

    For the last few months I'd found my passion for mountain bike riding waning. I think it had a lot to do with a long business trip I took to a city that had riding so much nicer than any of the trails in my native city; that I grew unsatisfied with what I had. I also don't have a large amount of trail riding near me, and the dissatisfaction I felt when on the trails was compounded by boredom/frustration of driving 20-45 minutes to ride the same trail for the hundredth time.

    Road bike riding is really big in my city though, and you can't go for a drive during anytime of the day without seeing a bunch of people on their road bikes. I figured that I liked all sorts of bikes, even the lycra clad road ones, so I got an inexpensive 14 year old road bike off of ebay.

    I found that I really enjoyed road bike riding. I could get a quick ride in without loading up the car, I seemed to be getting a better work out during the time I was riding, and I found that it was much easier to observe nature on the road bike- since I didn't have to focus on steering the bike.

    After two months I still considered myself a "mountain biker" but I'd only put 30 miles on my dream mountain bike and almost a thousand miles on my $600 ebay special. When ever I did ride my mountain bike I was absolutely astounded by how great my fitness was, but all of a sudden a few weeks had passed and I realized my mountain bike was collecting dust. I saw the Strava Festive 500km (300 miles in a week, 40 miles a day) challenge started Xmas Eve and I decided that I could push myself to do it.

    Woke up early Christmas Eve and planned a 50 mile ride to get a bit ahead of the curve. Went all the way out to my parents house 20 miles away, chatted with them a bit, and then decided to take a longer way back. While I was chatting with my dad (who originally got me into mountain biking) he said that he would never want to ride on the road because it was so dangerous. I assured him that it wasn't and even though I'd only been riding for a few months, I never felt in danger.

    Around mile 42 I began to close the loop I was on and head back to home. I was heading northbound on a pretty busy street. It was about 11:45 am and traffic was rather brisk since it was Xmas eve. The intersection up ahead was a bit of a cluster. The bike lane ended into a right turn lane, there were two through lanes, and two left turn lanes on the road I was on. I needed to make a left onto the perpendicular road and it had the same amount of lanes on it. I thought about riding between the right turn lane and the #1 though lane, then stopping on the other side of the intersection to do the same thing, but the 2 through lanes got red lights, and the two left turn lanes had a red light with a string of cars waiting. I figured I could save myself a few minutes buy moving over to the left lanes and taking the light left.

    I'm sure you can guess what happened.

    I looked over my shoulder and saw one car about 700 yards back, way back it seemed, in the #2 lane. I signaled with my left arm and moved into the number 1 lane, then looked again, saw that the single car was a ways off, signaled, and moved into the #2 lane. At this point I was probably 100 yards from the stop lights that were both red.

    I was probably in the lane for 5 seconds before the car honked, then it honked again, then a bunch more times, I didn't really feel the impact, my bike just laid down and I found myself on the ground, I'd come out of my clips and jumped to my feet so another car wouldn't hit me. I didn't feel anything broken but her front right wheel had rolled over my rear wheel and was pinching the chain stay. She backed up and I pulled the wreckage of my bike from under her wheel.

    She didn't ask if I was okay. She just said that she hadn't seen me. I asked for her insurance information and she said she wasn't going to give it to me since it was my fault that she hit me. I told her that she rear ended me and she said I shouldn't have been in the traffic lanes. At one point I thought she was going to try to drive away, she was still in the #2 lane and I was standing next to her. So I just took a picture of her license plate and said that if she wanted to drive away I would just call the police and file a hit and run. Then she seemed to wise up and pulled over to the side of the road and gave me her insurance.

    She didn't have her license on her though, so I thought about calling the police again. Maybe I should have, but I also didn't really want to wait for them to show up. My one knee that I fell on was bleeding pretty bad, my wrist was really sore, and my tail bone was throbbing. I'd had much harder bails on my mountain bike for sure, but I just wanted to get home and be done with this.

    When I was waiting for a pick up I started to realize how lucky I had been. My bike could have fallen left instead of right, or it could have gotten sucked under the left wheel and I could have fallen to the right. You can see in the pic that the chainstay was competently crushed. It could have easily been my body. I've got a wife, 2 year old daughter, and another baby girl coming in May. I've got a really nice life insurance policy, but the thought of dying doing something I loved and leaving my loved ones started to gnaw at me.

    I also started feeling some self doubt about the situation, maybe I hadn't signaled enough, maybe there wasn't as much space between the car as I thought there was, maybe the light had turned green? I should have just gone though the intersection and then done it the "safe way" without changing lanes. The hit happened so fast and I jumped back onto my feet so quickly that I might not know exactly where I was in the lane.

    So I've been pretty depressed about it. I was thinking I might not ever ride a road bike again, and I was so bored with mountain biking, why even bother with that? It was a bad place to be and while I normally rode every day- 3 days passed.

    I woke up this morning intending to ride the mountain bike but I just couldn't get going. I just worried that my fears would be true, I wouldn't be excited after the ride, I wouldn't find joy in it, and I would feel horrible for even taking up this hobby and spending some savings on my mountain bike. I'm normally on the trails by 7am but it was 9am and my wife advised that I just go for a "really quick ride."

    So I did. It was just a five mile loop that I used to do early mornings before work and before I had my road bike. I hadn't ridden it in 2 months and while I like some parts of the loop, it drops into a valley and the hill back out is really mean on my single speed. It is rare that I make it up and when I do I'm always close to vomiting a lung.

    The ride was awesome.

    Every turn felt good, every hill I crushed, every time I braked I felt the sweet modulation of disc, tire, and loose dirt. I had a smile on my face the whole ride and the final hill out of the valley I got my best segment time out of and I wasn't breathing heavy when I finished. So even though my trails might have felt worn out, I've still got a lot of riding left in them and I can focus on the joy of being out there alive. I could be dead now, I could be paralyzed, I could have never been born. But I'm here and life is pretty damn good.

    I'm pretty sure I'll road bike again. How soon depends on what the woman's insurance company says. The idea of riding on the roads doesn't really appeal to me now. But I really love bikes and while it isn't as fun as mountain bike riding, road riding has a place in my life.

    The pic I took today at the bottom of the valley. Thanks for reading. Be safe out there.

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    I live in Santa Cruz Ca and we have had a few people hit and killed by cars recently and I have been doing more mtbing as a result. Drivers seem to be so occupied by phones and gadgets in their cars that it's scary. I did a group ride today and found out how much road fitness I have lost.
    You are lucky to not be seriously injured.

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    Glad your OK. Texters scare the sheet out of me these days. I tend to leave my beautiful full carbon girl in the garage in favor of riding or running the trails now. Sad.
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    Dear fellow cyclist, first let me say that I am so glad you were able to walk away from this accident.
    My opinion, so take it with a grain of salt:
    If she had time to honk multiple times, she had time to avoid hitting you; likely she was speeding.
    I know people are in shock after these types of accidents, but CALL THE POLICE and let them deal with the driver.
    Not wanting to give you her insurance info and threatening to drive away has to be a huge red flag that she was at fault in some way and knew it and perhaps had been drinking.
    She is a big time TOOL.
    Also, let me give a little shout out for wearing neon yellow while road riding to make yourself more visible to motorists.
    Welcome back to single track!

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    I went down a similar path last year.

    I got a little bored with my local trails and with loading up the car and driving 45 minutes to MTB.

    I purchased a used road bike and began riding it a lot. I was also attracted to just walking out my door and riding.

    My MTB began collecting dust and I was getting fast and skinny. For some reason I started getting concerned about cars. I never really had a close call but some of the roads I would ride on had sections that the speed limit was 65 mph and no shoulder. I finally decided that the odds were against me so I quit riding my main routes.

    I now just load up my road bike and drive 3 miles to a lake that has 25 miles of road around it and very few cars. The speed limit for cars is 25 mph and it just seems so much safer.

    I also really found a good balance between road and mountain riding and I enjoy both of them a lot more now.

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    Is the city you speak of with much nicer riding Austin? I think I remember pictures of your bike on bikemojo.

    Anyway, really glad to hear you're ok. I probably would have called the cops, as one poster said if she had time to honk she saw you. WhyTF didn't she stop then? Oh well. I share your sentiments on road riding though. I did a tour over thanksgiving break from Enchanted Rock to Blanco (with intentions of ending in New Braunfels, but I had a bum knee) and I was super paranoid about getting hit. The only difference from this years tour and last years, where I felt invisible, is that I now have a 10 month old daughter. It really weighs on you. Best of luck!

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    First off, really glad you weren't hurt badly. But yeah, first order of business for me would have been to call the police. Insurance companies tend to start balking on pay outs without a police report to back you up. I've rode for years and thousands of miles on the roads with no problems, but as the saying goes, "all it takes is once". I'm also most always out on minimal traveled country side back roads, and a lot of times in a group, so I figure that has helped a lot. Road bike is a fitness builder like a mountain bike can never hope to be, but it can be dangerous at times.
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    Glad to hear you are ok, but that is a very scary story. Hearing things like this is the reason I never ride on the roads these days. A friend rides exclusively road bikes (about 500miles per week as a semi pro) and has 'near miss' stories like this seemingly weekly.

    I have a 4 years old daughter and 8 month old son, which really concentrates the mind these days - I really am safety first and am pretty risk averse. I look at some of the way my friends ride, and also how people take trails here and really do wonder sometimes. I am lucky that my commute in Switzerland is mostly fire trails and forest trails (about 10km each way), so I don't have to worry about motorists, but I am so much more aware of the dangers now I have got older and have a family.

    That being said, I chipped an elbow and came off pretty badly (let alone the bike which was destroyed ((bent chainstay, broken RD etc))) in August this year when I was taken out by a dog on one of my local trails (it was a large German Shepherd that sprinted behind me on the bike and decided to try and run between my wheels - striking when I was mid bend and full speed!), so I guess bad luck can strike anywhere...
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    Quote Originally Posted by June Bug View Post
    Dear fellow cyclist, first let me say that I am so glad you were able to walk away from this accident.
    My opinion, so take it with a grain of salt:
    If she had time to honk multiple times, she had time to avoid hitting you; likely she was speeding...
    This. If she had that much time to think about honking and react, she had MORE than enough time to brake for you.
    Something is fishy.
    Yes, you should have called the police. Now it will be her word -and the sleazebags at her insurance company- against the word of some bike rider.
    Expect a lot of hassle and greif from her insurance. Depending on how much your $600 "dream bike" was actually worth, you may have quite a fight on your hands.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the well wishes guys.

    @ Awshucks- My lips are sealed ;-).

    @RRRoubaix- My mtb is my "dream bike". My road bike is replaceable.

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