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    Greenway Passion

    Some serious cyclists & mtbkers don't like to ride on greenways or at least they don't like to admit that they ride on them. But, I think they are a good addition to our communities and can fun place to ride or train, or for some a path to commute to work.

    Today I did an easy training ride on a fairly new greenway, in Forsyth County Ga., for the first time. I enjoyed it. All the other bicyclists, joggers and walkers are a good diversion. It wasn't too crowded, but enough other folks out exercising to keep it interesting.

    If you ever ride/train on greenways and don't mind admitting it, how about posting up some pics.

    Over half of the Forsyth County Greenway is a raised boardwalk.

    It goes over a lot of wetlands, creeks, ponds etc.

    And, some pretty fields and rolling hills
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    I mainly use that kind of paths for going somewhere, or for connecting pieces of singletrack.

    Some are actually built to connect places, and ploughed in the winter:

    Others are built specifically for exercising and become groomed XC ski trails in winter:
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    We have one here in the Front Range that runs from Pueblo to Denver. It's paved in parts, gravel in others. Makes for a good long miles training ride. Sometimes, the wind from the south makes pedaling downhill (going home for me) as much work as riding uphill to the north!

    It's used by walkers, cyclists (both road and MTB), commuters and others; a great resource!

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    Good pics! Those trails are a great alternative if trail conditions are lousy.

    In early spring when our favorite trails are like pudding we often ride multi-use paths or rail trails
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    I started out riding on a local greenway. It had several dirt paths off the main trail which started me down the road to MTB.
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    Agreed, When theres one available theyre a great alternative to riding on the street when tying together pieces of trail together.

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    Greenway Passion

    I use them for Spring pavement rides when the trails are slop and for commutes. None of the local greenways really connect singletrack but I wish they did. There are a couple of trails here that are close enough together that they would benefit from such a greenway

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    I ride the Western Greenway in Belmont, MA to Waltham. It even has some spatterings of fun singletrack while giving a good aerobic workout that I can pedal to from my front door.

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    I ride the Larkin Greenway trail/bridle path here in Oxford ct. again, pedal right out of my garage to access. Lots of singletrack off the sides, riding it almost twenty years, and still discovering stuff. Also a good way to get back home in the dark if you stayed out to long. Also big mud season around here, good way of training. also perfect for introducing new folks to MTBing.
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    My wife and I started riding bikes together on greenway and rail trails almost 15 years ago. It was a good way to build up a bit of fitness before giving mtb a try. I guess its the rural nature of the trails but I often see as much wildlife on the greenways as I do on the singletrack. I ride my road bike on them to avoid traffic when possible and to connect sections on long rides.
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