It was a day where the stress of the job and other things in life were piling up: to the point where it felt like I was about to burn a hole in my stomach. It sucks life has to get like that at times.

Frustrated and a little disappointed, I leaned back in my chair and decided, ď#$%k it. Iím outta here.Ē

I grabbed the one bike that reminds me to relax, think, clear the fog so that I can return and figure out a plan to make things right. It always reminds me about why I ride, and, why I started riding in the first place. Itís not about being fast, flash or king of the woods. It takes me back to another time. A time before I started getting ďseriousĒ about it (or as ďseriousĒ as a weekend warrior can get). Itís about pressure..........getting away.

A Great Escape [o]-dec10.jpg

There was a light dusting of snow and it was -11C outside so it would be cold enough that the bike would begins to act funny after a while (through no fault of its own). The Alfine starts shifting poorly when the grease/lubricants inside thicken up and the cable housing gets hard as a rock. Itíll shift; just slowly - down. My Garmin sometimes fades into nothing as well in these temperatures. Itís still working but itís difficult to decipher. Ohhhh the joys of winter riding. All the things Iíve grown to love over the years.

So, in the end, I bundle up in more layers than I can count, grab the camera to take a few random shots and jump aboard. I head out to find peace in my mind and escape the everyday.

When I saw some of the footage, where the trail skirts a freeway, I loved how you could see folks going about their business (likely stressed about their own issues) where I was totally depressuring not far away: escaping the grind for a while.

3+ hours of bliss it was.

Hereís but a trimming.