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    "Goodbye" to a favorite trail

    I live in Seattle for another day or so, moved here from Manhattan in 2008.

    In the period I've lived here, I've come to have four favorite nearby trails or networks. One I ride quite a lot is called Grand Ridge. It's not a terribly technical trail and it doesn't have a lot of options. It's basically a 6-mile ride from a service road near the freeway to another road. There's a skills park there now, but there wasn't always - it used to just end. There's a 730' elevation difference from bottom to top and it rolls - Strava reports it at around 1000' of climbing, but I've learned not to trust Strava too far on that score. Most of the trail is pretty wide, and it's got a lot of rock in it, some of it brought in to improve the erosion characteristics. This is one of my winter rides.

    Since it's basically just a long, simple ride that challenges my fitness, I don't know that I'll drive the two hours or so that it will take me to ride it in future. I can do that kind of ride about a mile from where I'll be living. But I did ride this thing a lot, figure out options and add-ons surrounding it, and it was the first trail I found when I moved here where I could let my legs run a bit. So it's still special to me.

    I went and rode it yesterday. It was dry, even a little loose in places, and I was feeling mostly pretty flowy, though the last several weeks of my quarter have blunted my technique and fitness a touch. Good workout, and nice to revisit a trail I may not see again before I go.
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    I can appreciate that. There's a trail here that I've ridden since I was a kid, it runs along the river, about 5.5 miles, not technical at all, but a nice ride nonetheless. My kids now ride it with me and it's where we used to do IMBA's Take A Kid MTB Day. In 2011 we had a horrible flood that lasted most of the summer and destroyed a lot of the trail, some fell into the river, some is covered by 3 - 5 feet of sand. I still ride it occasionally, but it's a very different experience than what it was before.

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