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    Getting the passion back... Along with fitness

    A little back story. I am 38, 6' tall, overweight (220 LBS), smoker, and I haven't even touched a bike in 3 years.

    Found a used bike locally for pretty cheap and decided to try my luck on riding again.

    Well, went out to the local trails today, and had an absolute blast! I cannot remember the last time I had so much fun. I took my phone with me, because its the first time I've ever ridden these trails, and didn't want to get lost. Figured I would take sign up with strava and give it a go. I got on the leader board on the 4.7 mile trail. I couldn't believe it! Now I just need to get my fitness back and I will be doing the 13 mile trails.

    Figured its time for me to buck up and quit smoking, eat better, and get back into shape.

    Just wanted to share, I'm excited to be back on a bike!


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    Getting the passion back... Along with fitness

    good for you... keep going!!!!


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    Great man. I'm 25, but in the same boat as you other than being a total newbie to biking other than riding as a kid.

    Eating better and exercising is really easy once you get into it. Smoking has been tough. I got an e-cig, and while I still smoke regulars (only when I have drinks on the weekend, without beers making me crave so bad I could totally quit...lifes little pleasures though I guess), it has cut me wayyy back. I'm from a pack a day to 1-2 packs/week. I can give you a coupon code if you're interested PM me. Otherwise I wish you luck going cold turkey.

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    Change your life man! You will never regret it!

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    Nice. I'm 41 and feel like a little kid every time I get on my bike. Keep it going. When in doubt....ride.

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    Former smoker here, it took me a looong time to build lung capacity when I started riding just after quitting smoking. Like a couple years. So don't get discouraged if your fitness doesn't come as fast as you would like. Personally, I leave the strava stuff to the folks trying to win races, I'm in it for grins, not wins. Anyway, keep it fun, that's what will keep you coming back.

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    Good luck with the quit smoking. I quit about a year ago and never looked back. It has made me feel so much better and my sense of smell and taste came back in a big way!

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    Riding makes me feel like a 12 year old again, I love it!

    Have fun out there!

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    I quit smoking 5 years ago. 2 years ago I started mtb. And just this year I started eating a little better and cut soda from my life completely. Along with sugar in my coffee and tea. Still not losing to much weight, hovering around 210, but I feel I ride much stronger, and can recover quicker on the trails without all the garbage in my body!
    SS ==> Nut up or Shut up!

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    39-230# at my weekend warrior weight. I get to 215 if I ride 3 times+ a week.
    This is my 4th season back into it after a five year hernia/getting fat/kids- hiatus.
    Best advice as someone who's been there: get a single speed. Your skills/fitness will improve exponentially faster.
    good luck.

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