I don't know if this is a no-no or not, but certainly hope it's not.

I am going to be participating in the annual Walk for Hope which raises money for research and treatment of mental illness. This year is their 24th year and it's a fantastic cause, check out this link for all the details on this charity:


I am here to ask for your sponsorship, and if you can't sponsor me financially you can offer words of encouragement.

The Foundation for Hope is a fantastic cause, and one which is very close to my heart. Mental illness touches so many lives (it certainly has touched mine), and more than likely it has touched yours in one way or another. Please consider sponsoring me and if you can't, at least take a few moments to think about those suffering.

There are so many wonderful charities and I know we can't support them all, but I'm hoping I can get a few of you to help me on this.

If you can, please follow this link to donate.


Thank you in advance!